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Attention! Important Update.

New Member

Attention! Important Update.

This came in this m orning. I tried to post the whole email to you but got a "Red" screen warning so will do this much. Guessing bad email so have deleted it as my October bill went through fine.

Attention! Important Update.
HughesNet []
Welcome to HUGHESNET,

There was an issue with your last October payment Due to invalid payment option. Please use any of the below methods to update your contact and billing information. All server will be upgrade to the new HughesNet Gen4.

Failure to revert will avert to service suspension.

The email goes on from there but this is the basic stuff. The logo is your "hughesnet" one. Looks very real.




Re: Attention! Important Update.


Thanks for the putting this to our attention. Yes, this was in fact a phishing email you have received.

If you will, please send the full email to

Here is a full post of how to handle suspicious "Official HughesNet" emails:

Check out our tips on how to identify and handle suspicious e-mails:

- Warren