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Beam and gateway

Good Afternoon,


I am currious what beam and gateway I am attached to. Also what my modem and all my status looks like


So far I like the service alot 🙂 

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@Michael3245 wrote:

It is all good 🙂 Another question is why does my account keep saying information not avilable? It also says something has been detected system issues to call service. 

If you're referring to the mobile app, I believe it's just something that's supposed to prompt you to check to make sure everything's okay, though it's overkill.  I get the same message and there's absolutely nothing wrong with mine.  

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@maratsade wrote:

"I saw a pdf file describing the HT2000W series of modems and it shows they are capable of 200Mbps (Megabits per second) download and 20Mbps upload."


Yes, but no one gets those speeds.


"I don't know what they do for business accounts, it is possible they are given a bit more % of bandwidth -- another business user might know. "


Bandwith is the same for residential and business accounts, though perhaps a moderator could chime in and clarify before people get wrong info. 

Which is why I mentioned: "For home use, it appears they only allow access to 25% of the bandwidth so that about 50Mbps download/5Mbps upload is the best you will see when your beam is empty."


The beam is shared by many users so 25Mbps download is an average and not a guarantee.  It seems HughesNet figured allowing a user on an empty beam to be able to do 50Mbps down / 5 Mbps up, then the average would perhaps be 25 up/ 2.5 down even if the beam is absolutely slammed at other times.  Without everyone being on their own beam with their own dedicated bandwidth, what else can be done?

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@Michael3245 wrote:

Would it be differnt because i am on a bussiness class. Downloading steam games last night was getting 6MBps peeks meaning about 60. sometimes 10MBps peeks meaning 100.  

No.  All SME plans are 25Mbps, or the same as the Residential offerings.  All Gen5 plans offer the same speeds, whether Residential or SME.   


Though HughesNet is capable of higher speeds than customers get (a couple of HughesNet test accounts on demonstrate this), it's possible that, with your system, that regulation isn't set for some reason, which is allowing you to get the higher speeds.  The modems themselves are capable of higher speeds, but service speeds are regulated elsewhere (likely the gateway).  


With that said, I wouldn't advertise the speed you're getting too much, and I also wouldn't be surprised if it kicks back down to sub 50Mbps speeds at some point.  


BTW, the 20 days of data resets I mentioned applies to new Residential customers, but I don't know if it also applies to new SME customers.  It may, but I don't know.

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because i said something hopefully it does not 🙂 still like the hughes service