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Besides the Hughesnet meter is there anywhere i can find how much data I used.

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Mike Campbell
New Member

Besides the Hughesnet meter is there anywhere i can find how much data I used.

for some reason I have reached my cap and could have sworn I had more and wanted to check past records but it doesn't show anywhere on my statement what my cap is or how much data I used that month. My service it bundled with Frontier. 
Assistant Professor

The meter shows history up to 60 days back. There is also a usage history at MyDashboard:

The meter also shows what your plan cap is. The SCC will also show it:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Check out the links BirdDog posted above. You should be able to see a detailed set of info for data usage. If you have more questions or concerns please let us know.

Thank you,
Honorary Alumnus

Just to follow up, here is a list of the tools provided to measure and track data:

Hughes offers three different usage meters:

#1: The modems internal SCC (System Control Center) display that can be found by entering into your browser.

The portion devoted to data allowance looks like this:

(click on picture for larger image)

The above meter has the advantage of being always available, it shows allowance info from all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local) , Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am local) and Token Bytes which are extra cost data blocks that can be "stored" for use if and when needed.

The only problem with the above meter is in its "resolution". You won't see it increment downward in amounts less than 100 MB's.

Its great for a quick check but lacks "detail" if you are trying to track a data loss issue.

#2: There is a utility that is availa ble for download and installation on your computer from your dashboard at called the Download Status Meter:

(click on picture for larger image)

It too displays remaining data in all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local), Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am) and the optional extra cost Token Bytes.

It also has a handy little ribbon graph that quickly shows if you are ahead or behind the "usage curve".

This meter, once you are past 1 GB of usage also lacks "resolution" and at times is slow to "update" from the source but it still has its uses. It also has a "u sage history" display.

#3: The third and most accurate of the usage meters is the "at a glance" meter found after logging into your dashboard at

(click on picture for larger image)

This one is the most accurate ... you can see usage right down to a single MB if needed.

It too shows data remaining in all three data buckets .. Anytime, Bonus and Token.

In addition to the "usage meters" there is also a History display in addition to the one within the Download Status Meter utility.

It can be found on your dashboard after clicking on the "usage" tab.

It is, as a history, subject to some delay ... usually one to three hours. The display has been recently updated: 

Mike Campbell
New Member

well maybe someone doesn't understand my question "Besides the Hughesnet meter is there anywhere i can find how much data I used" is it on my statement or pass bill. I want to know what my data cap was in June... thats over 60 days ago...I can't find that information
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"Data cap".
You have a monthly data allowance. You can see what that is in one of several places starting with the modems internal SCC at
That monthly allowance will always be the same unless you change plan levels during the month.
I just pointed out to you three different METERS and two different HISTORY displays but back to June, nope you are going to be out of luck.
It is not going to show how much data you used on your statement. It is not going to spell out your monthly limit expressly. It will however state the name of your plan and that will tell you your monthly limit.
Example, I have the Ultra plan that tells me that I have 50/50 GB.

Did you perhaps start service in June ?
Be advised that Hughes will refill your allowance daily fir the first 10 days for 9000 modems and 20 days for HT1100 modems.
Associate Professor

Mike Campbell
New Member

ya for some reason I though i always had 25g cap and now it's 10g and no, i never change plans. if I just had old documentation to show it I could have something to go on. oh well thanks. 

Do you have more infor on "Be advised that Hughes will refill your allowance daily fir the first 10 days for 9000 modems and 20 days for HT1100 modems"

Hi Mike,

For Hn9000 users the refill of allowance during the first 10 days of service is to allow you to download all necessary updates for devices in your home. That way your allowance can be used normally there after. Many times when someone is getting service for the first time, or switching, there could be a time when you have no internet. Any device off the net for a few days will most likely have some type of update needed to get it up to speed. This grace period is in place with that in mind. I hope this clears it up for you.

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