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Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

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Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

Prior to switching to a new data plan (from 15/15g to 15/50g) my usage lasted me all month. There were several times I was short right at the end of the month but that was fine. 

Since I switched plans my data has lasted 1-2 weeks TOPS with nothing being changed on my end. I use the service just as I always have. 

To cover the questions I was asked repeatedly by both reps I spoke to:

Yes, I have a router.

Yes, my router has a password.
- it also has a mac filter and anyone who wants on my network has to give me their device so that I can check to be sure no automatic updates are on and no streaming services are running. My network, my rules.

No, I don't turn my modem off at night. Never have had to and don't intend to.

I use the internet for web browsing, some social media, and downloading various programming applications overnight during the bonus hours.

I use antivirus, a firewall on my router and PC, and perform regular malware and spyware scans.

I finally broke down and called customer service yesterday and got the following case numbers:


During the initial call I was told to disconnect my LAN cable for an hour and call back after that hour was up. I was given 2gb to be monitored.

After calling back it was determined that there was "no problem with my modem" hence, no problem on the Hughes Net end. I disagree.

I did not claim that the modem was running when I was not using it, I am saying that data calculations are incorrect.

After explaining this I was directed to the Check My Usage Tool. The agent continually pointed out certain days where the usage was high while ignoring some glaring discrepancies:

There is a possibility that someone could explain the extra entries. Everyday on my logs between the 6pm-7pm entry it jumps to a 12am-1am entry for the following day. When the 7pm-8pm entry resumes it does so using a different date.

The agent assured me that this was counted as "extra" although I don't see how she has any way of knowing that. And I am quite certain that I DID NOT use 120 minutes in one hour. 

Even after acknowledging the errors on this log she STILL tried to point me to it show me instances of high usage. Really? 

Another issue that we had was after I unplugged the LAN and called back I was asked if the top light was on. The top light is an indication that a LAN cable is plugged in. I stuck my head in the door (I have to stand outside to use the phone) and told her no, it wasn't.

A few minutes later I was asked to plug the cable back in. I sat the phone down on my porch and went in to do so. When I did I noticed that BEFORE I plugged it back in the top light was indeed on without the cable plugged in.

After plugging it back in as instructed I went back outside and informed the tech of the light being on before I plugged the cable back in. She said this was impossible. I explained to her that it was indeed on and offered to take a picture (she didn't respond to my offer).

Later we unplugged the LAN again for a short 5 minute test and I stood at the door and watched it. The LAN light went off for a short time after being unplugged and then came back on and stayed. There was also activity on the send/receive LEDs. She said not to worry about it, it was normal. (about 30 minutes before that it was impossible)

During this test the agent said that there WAS a problem because while the LAN was unplugged my usage fluctuated. Not just down but down, then up a little, then back down. But after speaking with a supervisor informed me again that there was no problem on their end. (Really?!)

I was also advised to turn my modem off overnight or when not in use. No, I will not. I've never had to before and I don't see why I should change when nothing on MY end has changed.

Towards the end of the conversation she "gave" me an additional 4gb of data in compensation for the hours of time I spent on the phone. She also informed that she had done all that she was authorized to do and that my problem could not be escalated. Case closed I guess?

Since I've put just about everything else from the calls on here I'll go ahead and say that I did apologize to the women if I was rude to her, I am not a rude person but this is very frustrating and she kept repeating the same things over and over. I've worked in a call center before and I know how the chain of command works. HughesNet needs new policies for customer service.

I don't know if there is a resolution for these issues because as I stated above, there was no escalation of my case. No modem activity while LAN is unplugged seems to equal no problem on the HughesNet end. 

I am posting here because I see others with the same problem and I wanted to give my details as well. I've been a customer since 2013 and have been satisfied overall despite the data limitations. 
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

Hi Bill, yes the LAN light came on even when there was no cable plugged in. I've never unplugged the LAN prior to this so I never noticed it before. Also, I do have the HT1100. 

Do you have the 12am - 1am line thrown in there too or is that just me? This is so very frustrating mostly because HughesNet refuses to admit that they have problems. I wonder if the call center techs ever bother to look at these boards...
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

I have worked a few jobs where an hour seemed like it was 120 minutes long, but in reality they weren’t  really.  The best thing I found is the usage tab on your HughesNet dashboard.  It has proven to me to be the most accurate, and user friendly accounting of hourly bandwidth used.
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

Ikr? My issue with the Check My Usage Tool is that it is being populated by a database (presumably my modem's?) and so it stands to reason that either A) the program written to GET that data is flawed or B) the data itself is wrong and the tool is simply showing what it sees there (which, again, is flawed). I've been throttled for 2 months now more often than not. What am I paying for here?
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

I've kept close watch using the modems usage at and the Usage Graph on the dashboard and found them to be pretty much identical.  The usage in the Status meter that is downloaded I don't use it much as I hardly ever log into Windows. 

Another thing you haven't pre authorized the Windows 10 upgrade have you?

I have heard it is already using tons of Bandwidth to download stuff in the background.
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

I haven't pre authorized Windows 10, think I'm gonna stick with 8.1 for now.
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

Pretty sure if you have an HN9000, HT1000, or HT1100 modem you are not supposed to use the old system for monitoring usage, that you are supposed to use the newer dashboard for monitoring your usage.

As for your data concerns, please perform the following exactly to rule out your Equipment, and yes, they can tell if you have or have not disconnected your router from the modem.
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

I hardly ever use that page BUT just for comparisons sake, I went back A few days to a Point where I was floating off my verizon connection due to INCREDIBLY poor speed. Note the router was totally out of the picture nothing connected to modem but the power remained. Notice the 12:00Am--1Am Glitch Mendyboyd speaks of (But no usage on my end, Not recorded nor lost during the 3 day LAN disconnect)

Now curiousity has gotten the better of me, I wonder IF I can find a day that I happened to leave the LAN connected that shows the same error WITH usage!!

Mendyboyd, Do you happen to know if that 466Mb noted in the chart at the SECOND glimpse (error/glitch/ whatever ya wanna call it) actually came off the counted allowance noted in your Status meter (download version), allowance noted in SCC  , Or the at a glance Meter located at ??

The Chart you are referring to, while found very usefull is NOT totally accurate!! Well actually it complicates things, it shows ALL usage passed through your terminal. System checks in the middle of the night, system updates, Your usage with included overhead, ECT....   They show it there BUT they don't take it from your usable allowance noted in the three places I mentioned above (or at least there not supposed to). I'm not saying there's never been an oops on there part just stating that in my experience when comparing usage the night before notated here: where there's an EXACT number NOT a rounded percentage to usage noted after plugging the router back in the next morning the next morning has always been the same with no loss occurring. At least for the last
7 months or so, I won't state any farther back as there were instances proved, fine tuning and calibration techniques were applied..  Since then there's been no viable proof of a usage problem on there end....

That being said there has been times when I thought usage spiked per same previous activities. However after installing a third party monitor called networx and routinely comparing what it shows with what hughes ACTUALLY takes it (NETWORX) has always showed MORE usage..  Although it does seem to bleed faster by BOTH when my speed is slow especially on a data hungry page that glitches during loadup SMH....

Final Note I also have the HT1100 Smiley Happy
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

That glitch on that usage page has been there for quite some time. It basically means nothing from what I can tell. I'm not sure how trustworthy the whole page is anymore for Gen4 users. Note how everything reports 41-43 minutes used.
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Re: Bleeding Data + New Data Plan + Check My Usage Tool Discrepancies

Here is the day I left LAN plugged in with intent to deplete allowance before refill, the glitch reappears WITH usage although it is a very  Insignificant Amount :

Also notice the date changes from the 7th too the 8th  right after that glitch at 8pm on the 7th........ HMMM  .........   Well at least it isn't screwin with MY allowance yet, Mendy I would definetly start keeping track of the allowance via just in case it is screwin with yours......

Charles has already provided the steps you'd need to take to prove your case however the Glitch of your LAN light being Lit while NOTHINGS connected could prove test a waste of time. There was another close to proving her a case a bit back, swore up and down LAN was DISCONNECTED although the diagnostic logs showed no LAN disconnect error and Lan present during the test........   NOT sure what to make of her case nor yours, but I can say for my particular modem when the powers off on my router or I unplug the cord both top two lights (LAN an TRANSMIT) remain dark till I plug it back in, at least from what I can tell from late at night bathroom trips n such lol........