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Bonus period wrong time

New Member

Bonus period wrong time

Okay fellow hughesneters out there...yup the bonus period is finally back AFTER 4 calls and trying to get the tech to understand what I was saying. Call and raise hell about finally worked for me and much unplugging and other things that go bump in the night.  For some unknown reason Hughesnet is not aware of the time change.

Re: Bonus period wrong time

Hello Kathleen,

Although all HN9000, HT1000, and HT1100 customers should have kept their Bonus or Download Zone period in their local time zone, a configuration error caused some HN9000 modems to forget to set their clocks forward as part of the weekend's Daylight Saving Time change. As a result, they accidentally slept in and their period was delayed by an hour. This has been corrected and we apologize for the mix-up. 

For the inconvenience we'll be adding some tokens to your account. You should receive notifications once we do. 

Thank you,