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Bridging connections to manage data?

New Member

Bridging connections to manage data?

Anyone ever use a vpn with network regulation software to set hughes net as a slave connection? Potentially, if you have two connections, you could really manage your data percentages from the hughes net connection and still boost your overall speed from bridging two connections. I just signed up with hughes net and still have my old dsl activated. The dsl connection is 3 down 1 up, but the ping is much better that hughes net, about 40 ms during off hours. I have already bridged connections, and noticed about a 2mb increase in download speed, and a reduction in ping from 775 average down to 400. I know that you can tinker with the flow and output of connections. So I'm thinking keep the dsl ping, and then supplement the connection with something like 25% hughes net throttled down. Thanks!

Re: Bridging connections to manage data?

Hi serpentor,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! While using a VPN is not recommended with our service, if this works for you power to you!

- Chris