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I have read some of the tickets from other clients and I see is a recurrent situation. I cant watch Netflix or other apps without getting buffering signal and it's so bad that Id end watching regular TV. I'm not as technological as others I cant get to understand what they did to get their internet to work faster. Please explained to me like Iam 5 years old?

Thanks so much;
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Re: Buffering



The primary way to start troubleshooting this issue is with some speed tests using this protocol.  However, the following two things should be checked first...


1.  On the Home page of the modem's System Control Center (click the link), does it show that you have Service Plan Data or does it show that you are out?  You may need to click "Home" on the left of the page to show your data levels.


2.  When checking this modem page, what do you see for the State Code, which is listed in the System Summary box near the top of the page?

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Re: Buffering

Hi vicenteA3654,


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