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By far HughesNet is the worst internet service. Very very dissatisfied

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By far HughesNet is the worst internet service. Very very dissatisfied

Slow internet service. Even loss of service at times. Data disappearing quickly. Overprice
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Perhaps if you post some details we could help.
Beyond that, just to save a lot of typing, read my reply here:

Satellite internet is a connection of "last resort". It is intended for those that have no other options.
It can not compete, nor is intended to replace ground based ISP's

Satellite internet
has more "moving parts" than ground based systems. It requires that a user learn how the system works, its strengths and its weaknesses.
There are several "tools" (SCC @ among others) that will provide insight as to the condition of your connection.

Problem ? Post details.

excuses, excuses, excuses.    Just a lot of lip service.

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The Hughesnet Communinty is a place to get help when one is having issues with their service or even other aspects of their system, not a place to spam your issues or opinions on multiple threads.   


Please create your own post to receive help with your issues.  

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Maybe it's Mordacious in disguise. Smiley LOL

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Hi! 🙂

What they said... 😉

My first month with HughesNet went swimmingly. As someone who had run her own wireless network for more than ten years, set up, subnetting and security were licked, I thought. The last couple days of my first month we stayed overnight where the service is located (we are moving there and living in a camper while we sell our old house and wait for the new one to be built) and streamed a lot of Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Amazon Prime with no issues. I was thrilled!

Then the next month came. A local young man who was unemployed was helping my husband out with a few things (last night the kid was confused and believed his cell phone was messing up the modem/router from the phone company HERE - he honestly doesn't understand networking at all; I am sure it was his phone, not him). He had a NetTen prepaid cell phone that he watches videos and streams music on in his spare time. It never occurred to me that it might piggyback off my data without logging into my network. In the meantime, I was here at the wired, non-HN house packing, and no other internet using devices were even AT the new farm that week. Nada. Zip. Zero.

And almost fifteen percent of my data disappeared! Worse, when I get back there, suddenly I can't even get on a web page! Now... the tech who installed my service said HughesNet themselves had noticed issues with my speed and asked to come out and fix it. He left, still no speed improvement.

I get on here and have a meltdowns because my data disappeared without me using it and the speeds suck.

I pull up the graphing on the little data manager thing you can install to your tray... and my data disappeared every time that kid took a break. I go and resecure my router... the next time the data STILL disappeared. He insisted he wasn't logging on... so I MAC filtered the router. Solved that problem.

Started asking about router slowing speeds, found a thread about third-party firmware... figured if I bricked the router I would buy a new router... which I would replace if I couldn't speed up performance anyhow... so I put on new firmware... and get 18MBPS download speeds now.

I feel kind of bad hating on HughesNet in my one post. Though, when I had no issues one month, then had everything go south at once, I can see where I would think something on their side messed up.

Worse, I thought I knew what I was doing. Things like subnetting conflicts, etc... those I had covered. My router inconsistently slowing down throughput because of satellite latency? That's like having a car that only makes a certain noise the second Tuesday of every month when there isn't a mechanic to hear it!

Have some patience and ask some questions. The users here seem happy to help. I am hoping to learn a lot from them, so I can help, too.

Hi winsford,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting! Can you elaborate a bit more for us? I was able to pull up your account using your profile information and I see you called in for support yesterday. Our agent was able to help you power cycle your modem and devices to get you back up and running. Are you still experiencing slow speeds/browsing? You diagnostics are coming back with no communication from your site. We hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,
Not Fooled
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Today, I learned how the satellite works.
Apparently, it has to do with "latency".
Which is the time it takes for the customer's data to be sent through all the "chains" and "links" to reach the satellite, ping off the satellite and ping back, going through all the necessary chains and links, in order to hit the customer's dish.
And, because it was explained to me in lay terms, so I could "get it," I have decided it isn't my "cup of tea".

THAT's why customers don't comprehend WHY HughesNet is so slow.

As to why the GB we pay for is used up so quickly, like as soon as the new month rolls over, like in less than a day?

Use your GB from your cell phone company by turning your wireless OFF, on your cell phone, while home. By doing so you will have a much faster internet connection on your cell. It's the 4G all the cell companies tout, but most customers never use because their cells are all set on WIRELESS.

So, now that I've decided to cancel HN, my problem is the constant disconnects I get from CS when placed on "hold".
I NEED SERVICE CANCELED ON SEPTEMBER 15, (of THIS YEAR) 2015, before I am hit with another monthly payment for internet speed that IS not "faster than dial up". (Because it's satellite)
And, that's NOT meant as a joke. But, HN keeps saying it is on all their commercials.
DSL, not satellite, is faster than dial up and HughesNet, because
HN is satellite.
And shame on HN for misleading innocent people. You folks knew just HOW to snag and confuse the heck out of all of us!
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Latency only has an impact if you need real time communications(video games  mostly), as far as viewing web-pages, if your latency is below 1000ms, which it usually would be for Jupiter, then you will see the connection established and the data stream would start in under 1 second.

Not fooled, you seem to be confused. I was offered dial-up by my DSL (local phone company) provider for our new location and I think it was 512 KBPS. I haven't had data management problems of a real sort yet - we aren't living there full-time. Soon (hopefully next week!).

Anyhow. This is this morning's speed test (on HughesNet) by The next image will be from my home tonight. My DSL is working tonight at expected speeds. A lot of nights I get DNS errors, etc...


This is tonight at our old house, phone company DSL:

That is the same problem I have great signal in the am and nonexistant in the afternoon and evening when I want to Skype my kids and grandkids. I can't Skype, stream, or upload anytime after noon.


I don't have my laptop with me, or I could show you evening tests around 15-16 MBPS.

I think the data caps are your problem possibly? There are ways to work within them, that makes it last longer.

Now...I would be totally ticked by the hold and hangups, too. Hopefully one of the employees here can help you with that.

However, if you don't have a lot of other choices, there are ways to make this work better for you.

tried to stream video & it has to reload every 30 to 45 seconds. the worst isp on the sales rep totally misrepresented the service