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CASE #54970787 - data depletion

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CASE #54970787 - data depletion

I was asked by the call center rep to unplug by cable for 24 hours.  I did so and here are the results:

Before:  4456 MB

After:  4128 MB

I am having major data depletion issues, including almost 4GB lost in a two hour period on 7/9/16

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Re: CASE #54970787 - data depletion

Do you have screenshots status meter of the above before/after per this procedure ?


Re: CASE #54970787 - data depletion

Hi stevenprod,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Glad you ran the test however to verify that there is actually unidentified data usage we need screen captures of the status meter. Times and dates of disconnect of LAN and re-connecting. As depicted in the graphic provided by Gwalk. No router should be in the equation during testing. Once you have everything complete feel free to post here with your results, so we can continue to assist. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,