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Can not connect to DirecTV

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Can not connect to DirecTV

New to Hughes. I have a Ht1100 Modem, Apple Airport BaseStation, iMac 27" computer, two iPhones (5S) and Directv that I'm trying to get all connected. The computer,TV (that is connected to Directv) and iPhones are wireless. The Apple Airport BaseStation is connected directly to HT1100 . The computer is running latest version of OS 10.10.5 (14F27). iPhones are also running latest OS 8.4.1. My trouble is iPhones are connected to in house WiFi and are extremely slow in uploads and downloads. And I can not get Directv to connect to in house WiFi at all. Need some support.
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Re: Can not connect to DirecTV

You may want to contact Apple or DirecTV about your DirecTV unit not being able to connect to your Apple Airport Router.

As for speeds, you may want to log into your Hughesnet account at and run a few speed tests through out the day to check your speeds.
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Re: Can not connect to DirecTV

First thing is that Hughesnet is a "capped" service in terms of the amount of data you have available.

The items you mention, starting with the TV will eat your limited data allowance very very quickly.

Using your iPhones over your Hughes connection will also eat data but give very poor performance due to the latency inherent to a satellite connection. Your signal has to travel 22.300 miles UP to the satellite, then is retransmitted DOWN to your assigned Gateway server, then any answers need to follow the same path back UP then send DOWN to your modem.

That is a total of 89.200 miles. Your signal travels roughly at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) so there will be a delay of at least 650 ms.

The third item is Apple devices are the worst to try and "tame" as far as turning off an endless list of updates ... you think you have them and then BAM ! your allowance as been depleated.


Re: Can not connect to DirecTV

Hi harris,

I see this is your first post here, so welcome to the community! I would not recommend plugging a DirecTV system to your HughesNet service. As mentioned by our community members, can you run some speed tests from the support center? Please plug one computer directly into your HughesNet modem when doing so. Run about 3-5 tests throughout the day so that we can get a broad spectrum of the performance you are experiencing. 

Thank you,
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Re: Can not connect to DirecTV

Funny, when we asked Directv about internet they said Hughesnet.  After talking with a sales rep from Hughesnet we were told yes Gen4 is ideal for use with Directv for on-demand and watching movies etc.  Never have been able to get it working and now we know why - lied to again by the sales staff.