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Can't WIFI call or Zoom or watch TV?

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Can't WIFI call or Zoom or watch TV?

I recently bought a cabin in a small community embedded in a large patch of national forest. Virtually no cell reception. Does have some CenturyLink DSL coming in over old copper telephone line (like 1.2MB down, .2 up). CenturyLink is spotty, particularly when lots of people are using it. Bought Hughesnet hoping to achieve the 25/3, allowing me to work from the cabin.


What I found is:


Wifi calling doesn’t work. They can’t hear me, though I can hear them fine. Wifi calling does work on the CenturyLink DSL


Zoom meetings: I can see them fine; their view of me is very choppy even going through cable directly to Hugesnet modem (not WIFI). They tell me I start out OK but degrades in a few seconds. CenturyLink works fine sometimes but again can be spotty.


We tried watching TV through Hughesnet modem WIFI. Ending up stopping and buffering so much we couldn’t do it.


Made 3 calls to Hughsnet technical help (difficult when they couldn’t hear me). They set up dedicated channel for wifi and did something else but it hasn’t worked.


Last guy told me it was a “latency” problem. Yet latency should work both ways? On zoom I can see them fine so download works. On WIFI calling I can here them but they can’t hear me. Looks to me like an upload problem?


I will be there this weekend; I think I have till Monday to cancel. I bought equipment outright (I had faith based on all your advertising). How can we resolve this and see if there is a problem or I must just give up on Hughesnet?


Is this the right place to get actual technical help? Do you work on weekends?


David SAN: [edited to protect privacy]