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Can't connect to Modem via

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Can't connect to Modem via



Been struggling with this problem since we started service a few months ago. Let me walk through the steps I try to go through to access my WiFi settings and the resulting indications.


First, I log into My Account and access my HT2000W SCC. From that screen I click on "WiFi Settiings".


This takes me to the login screen. I enter the Administrative password and click Login. I get nothing, nada, zip.


FWIW - the URL for the login screen changes from "!/usage" to "" when I click on "WiFi Settings".


When I enter in the URL it takes me to my HT2000W SCC page with  the URL "!/usage". I then click on "WiFi Settings" and get the login screen. The URL automatically changes to "". I type in the Administrative password and get nothing, nada, zip.


Any thoughts on why this is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Extensions or add-ons are little programs or applications that help to customize the browser to your liking.  Like an ad blocker or something to change the way new tabs behave when they're opened.  In both Chrome and Firefox you'll see them to the right of the URL (web address) body, like so (in the red box)...




I use five different ones.  In Chrome you can see the extensions you have installed and enabled by clicking on the three dots to the upper right of the browser page, hovering over More Tools and clicking on Extensions.  In Firefox, click on the three lines on the upper right, then click on Add-ons.  Disabling them may help to make the Login button work the way it should.  Make sure to refresh or restart the browser page after you disable the extensions/add-ons before trying the Login page.  

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