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Cannot connect to gateway

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Cannot connect to gateway

My HT1100 modem only shows LAN and Power lights. This is an intermittent problem that last for several days then corrects itself for several days. I have been experiencing this problem for over two years. I have attempted all the suggested home troubleshooting and it has no effect on the problem.
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Re: Cannot connect to gateway

Please be aware that the corporate reps will not be here until Tuesday, due to the weekend and the holiday.

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Re: Cannot connect to gateway



When this happens, can you connect to this page?!/state_code/state_code_monitor


If you can get to that page, please post a snapshot of the page.  Please make sure to edit out your SAN from the picture.  That's the number starting with DSS.  This is your account number and should never be posted.  


In Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool, or you can press and hold the Windows button, then press the Print Screen button.  This will take a picture of the whole page, and the default save folder is your pictures folder.  Again, please edit out your SAN from the picture.  You can do that using Paint.  

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