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Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

How well does it work when you plug one computer directly into the modem?
If fine, then the problem is your local network equipment/settings.
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

You want cheap ...
I have an antiquated Netgear WNR2000
You can get one at Walmart for $42

I have 11 devices hooked up wirelessly thru mine including iPads, two iPod Touches and HP printer as well as computers a Nook HD+ and a Samsung Galaxy Tab4

Now there is quick fix.
Walmart is open 24/7
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

PS: Comcast or Time Warner will not help with user equipment either. You could hire someone with real networking credentials to set up your local network and make sure all devices have good connection to the internet (WAN).
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

I reinstalled the modem on the 17th, thus the new software. I also reinstalled the Engenius access point and set up the network. I haven't had a status meter since the 18th so I uninstalled it and haven't reinstalled it yet. If I add a router, do I keep the switch and access point? I have a Linskey's router from about 3 years ago I might try to use if still compatible. I checked Amanda's link on routers and will order one online if it doesn't work. We purchased the access point with intentions of mounting it outside to extend connection to various parts of the property. Mainly, while hubby is working on equipment and needs to look up parts or repair instructions, he can do so from where he is instead of coming all the way back to the house.

FYI: my closest WalMart is 30 miles away and it closes at 11 pm. I don't go to town (especially WalMart) unless I absolutely have to. I am a huge internet shopper, I order just about everything online. Yes, I have a mailbox way out here and UPS delivers, LOL

Satellite internet is the only option where I live. We got rid of dial up in 2009 and have been with HughesNet since. I could have switched to Exede (which is highly recommended by my friends and neighbors), but I didn't. I stayed with Hughes. I fell for the GEN4 hype before I did my homework. CenturyLink sells me high speed internet just about every week then on the day the modem is supposed to be delivered a technician calls to tell me it is not available. I order it every time they offer though, hoping that one day it will actually be available even though an engineer told my hubby it would probably never happen in this area.

No, I don't expect them to provide support for everything I have but a little knowledge on whether my devices are compatible with THEIR modem would be nice. When the lady was "optimizing" my devices over the phone the night we lost connection, she might could have mentioned that using a switch and access point were not going to give me what I was asking for. It would be sweet if Hughes incorporated a router into their modem like CenturyLink and other providers do. One box sitting on my desk instead of 4 if I add the router.

When I plug my desktop directly into the modem, I am connected but not at great speeds. I've not had great speeds since we upgraded, which is another issue in itself. We are in the midst of some nasty winter weather so I'm hoping that is the problem right now.

I am not trying to be rude or snippy and I do appreciate all y'alls time in answering my questions and your advice. I have learned a lot about other issues since I've found the community pages.

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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

A wireless router .... routes. The normal home router provides 4 ports to provide "multiplication" of the single port of the modem.
It also, as the name implies a second function .. to provide wireless access. It also provides DHCP services for all those devices , both wired and wireless.

They come with atributes ... single or dual frequency, differing "radiation" patterns and strengths.
One major factor in a router is it is your first line on network defense with its hardware firewall.
Do you really want Hughes to make your router AND the all important firewall that holds the keys to your network kingdom.
How to account with a "one size fits all" Hughes supplied router ? Big house, small house, long house, multi-level, wood construction, steel stud construction.

You need a router, an "access point" can be added to one of the router LAN ports to act as either a subnet or a range extender.

I understand you want Hughes to "dump the perfect solution" in your lap but ..... there are too many variables. That is WHY Hughes doesn't do networking.

I think you need to learn more about networking as you seem reluctant to take advice from your fellow users .....

I'll give you this, your old modem only had to deal with IPv4 addresses.
World wide, there are so many devices that have or need Internet access that numericly, there are no more IPv4 addresses. Hence your Gen4 modem "does" IPv4 and IPv6 addressesing..
You need a modern router, if you need to cover a very large area or out building you need to add an access point or "range extender" to that system. To ease "issues" with your level of networking knowledge the major parts of the network should be from the same manufacturer and be of the same "generation"

In the end ... never, ever, ever underestimate the value and importance of the hardware firewall and its rules that is builtin to a router versus what you have now.
Consider also the number of complaints related to "missing data". A full featured router has the ability to track usage per device. The is so important in a network containing wireless devices.
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

I am not refusing to take advice from my fellow users...I have been shopping for a new router all morning and studying how to set my access point with a router. My only reluctance was to buy yet another piece of equipment. My level of networking knowledge allowed me to set up a network at home and at work and they both have worked fine. I don't even have a computer degree and was able to do it!

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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

How big of an area are you trying to cover? That AP ( Engenius ENH210EXT) is very high powered. You may need a professional to get it all working correctly.
Especially on HughesNet.
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

CMHorses...  The basics of what need to be done are listed below.

1: Purchase a fairly decent router that is compatible with Hughesnet, I can state that the Netgear NightHawk HATES being used with Hughesnet as a router, as do many Netgear products that I have played with.  Comes down mostly due to IPv6 issues - They work great as an AP only device though.
2: Hook the WAN port of the router to your modem.
3: Setup your router, make sure it uses the 192.168.1.X address space instead of the 192.168.0.X address space (192.168.0.X is reserved for the Hughesnet modem)
4: Plug your Wireless Access Point upto the router - I assume you are familiar with this, and can program it to use an address from DHCP.
5: Check to make sure they both have the same SSID, and password for wireless connectivity.  The software that comes with your AP may be able to help reprogram it properly.
6: You no longer need the TrendNet switch in your network, as the router is replacing that in essence.
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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

I have it connected now. My phone connects and starts digging about 500 ft from the house that I have notifications.

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Re: Cannot consistently connect my Android devices

Thank you so much for this comment. I plan to do this by the weekend Smiley Happy