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Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Associate Professor

Re: Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Though it may not matter, I tried it, too.  I tried it using the same credentials as the lab team member, though I chose to do it through the "View Your Account" method in the blue box in the middle of the page.  It worked on Chrome, Firefox and Edge, though I didn't try IE (I don't trust it anymore).  It took me to the same page as shown in Amanda's post.  


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Re: Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Thats the screen I can't get to ""

this is all I get

"Secure Connection Failed

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem."

This is using firefox, whats really wierd is last week I was able to login using Edge and IE11. And I logged out and back in mulitple times just to make sure. Firefox and Chrome would not work though, opposite of what your tech found. Just tried again and I can't get to the second login screen. The only thing that I know works every single time I have tried with any browser is to connect my pc to the hotspot on my phone and disable my ethernet connection.

I tried getting this to work on my wifes pc and after a few hours of not being able to I tried it again on my pc and it was no longer working, nothing changed on my pc. I could however still connect using my hotspot. I don't have any trouble connecting from my laptops when I am on the road but I am not using Hughesnet for those times.


Re: Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Hi Darrin


I'm reaching out to a different engineer so they can look this over. Curious, does this tweet seem like it is around the time you started having issues?


Thank you



Re: Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Yes Amanda that is right around the time we started having issues logging in. At first it was sporadic, could login sometimes but not others. Then it got worse and could not login at all. Whitney says that Hughesnet knows of this issue and that replacing my modem will fix it but I am skeptcal of this. Why would my modem not allow me to login to 1 website, I can login to my credit unions website without issues. I am thinking that maybe Whitney made changes to their website and those changes are why we can't login anymore, they set the "timeouts" to be too restrictive for Hughesnet connections, higher latency which we know is normal for satelite connections.


Re: Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Thank you Darrin, that is helpful. I've asked our engineers for an update on your issue and will provide you any information or questions they might have as I get them.