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Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

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Cannot login to online banking HancockWhitney

Can get to this URL but not past it, it shows the logon screen but after typing the username I get Secure connection failed, the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

My wife uses the online banking and uses Firefox and Internet Explorer, both fail the same way. We tried it on my computer, Firefox, IE11, Edge, and Chrome all fail to load.

All other websites load fine so it is only this 1 website giving trouble.

Then I disconnected my computer from the Hughesnet connection and enabled the hotspot on my phone and connected my computer to that. It works fine when hotspotting to my ATT connection on my phone. I can logon just fine.

So I have narrowed it down to Hughesnet, I power cycled the modem but it didn't help. I also turned off web acceleration and that didn't help.


I am having this same issue.  I can log in at work, I can use phone, but cannot log in with home computer.I have been reading the messages on this feed.  Where you able to come up with a solution to this issue?  If so, How to fix?

Hi bobbisue11 we haven't finished troubleshooting the issue yet but if and when (more like when!) we will gladly let you know what the fix or problem is.

Okay Amanda just let me know how to initiate the support session.