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Code 12.1.9 transmit problem, uplink problem

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Code 12.1.9 transmit problem, uplink problem

Hello, for the past few days we’ve had a code 12.1.9 transmit problem more or less all the time. Looking in the hour history I see a perpetual uplink problem. If I reboot the modem everything seems to work for about 20 minutes, then the transmit problem is reported. Some web traffic appears to work, however other sites never load. I had the modem plugged into a power strip; plugged it directly into an outlet but no improvement. Signal strength is in the low 90s, dish is clear of debris. I’m on Gen 5, this is the first issue I’ve had since it was installed over a year ago (so kudos on that!). Can you take a look at my system remotely, or do I need to call the support number (I really don’t want to do that unless it’s absolutely necessary). We’re fapped right now so any speed tests are probably useless unless you can unfap me for those. Thanks!

Hello Brant, welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out! I pulled up your account and currently do not have communications with your modem. It sounds like you're already on the System Control Center, so what I'd like for you to do for me on your end is a Force Range from the Advanced pages.


You can access this page from clicking on the little "i" at the top of your page, from there you'll have a menu on the left side of the page, then you'll go to Uplink > Force Range. After the Force Range completes, unplug your modem from either the wall or power brick for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and wait around 1~2 minutes for the modem to completely turn on. Refresh the System Control Center and let me know if you're still receiving the 12.1.9 error and I'll proceed accordingly. 



Hi Brooke, I had unplugged the modem for a bit to see if that would do anything, but it’s back on now.

I don’t see an Uplink menu anywhere... I clicked through all the options but maybe I missed it. Is there any way I can attach a photo to show you what my menu looks like? Thanks for your quick response!

Hmm, maybe it's not accessible on the customer's end, I apologize. You can take a screenshot of the menu, crop the photo (to make sure none of your sensitive information is on it), and show me what options you have available.


I'll try to see if I am able to push through a Force Range with my tools, but with no communication, it may or may not go through. I'll get back to you in a few minutes and let you know when to unplug the modem; it's important that after the Force Range is done to restart the modem to make sure it's refreshed. 


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@Brooke wrote:
 Uplink > Force Range.

@Brooke wrote:

Hmm, maybe it's not accessible on the customer's end

It's not.  

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Brant, my tools have been only providing errors (Grr!). Since the service is having a disruption, based on the state code you're receiving, we'll need to dispatch a technician to replace both your radio and modem. I'll waive the technician fee as a courtesy. 


I've set you up with our earliest scheduled slot available and you'll receive either a call or text from the technician to confirm or reschedule. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns I can address. I hope this helps! 


Ok - thanks!