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Completing Cancellation

New Member

Completing Cancellation

I called a few times to cancel service, the last time I got as far as she said she had "finished all the documentation" but needed to transfer me to this other person, and then phone call promptly went into limbo.  The credit card on the account is canceled.  The HN9000 Serial number is "J7 111000135032024 6" .  Please contact me at the accounts phone number in order to wrap this business up.

Re: Completing Cancellation

Hello Marc,

Thanks for providing the information to locate your account and visiting us in our community. Usually, we only handle residential inquires here. Since your account is under Enterprise, we'd need you to call our Business Solutions phone number at 1-800-347-3272. I just spoke with a gentleman over there who says if you call, they will gladly transfer you to their own business-level account management group to cancel your service. If you have any issues getting transferred, let us know and we'll get you help another way.

Thank you,