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Compressed Data

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Compressed Data

Sorry if this has ever been talked about. I'm new, this is my first post ever. When I first signed up for my HughesNet service over the telephone the sales person sold me on the service after describing how HughesNet gets data to you. She used the term Compressed Data several times, and I was told that HughesNet compresses the data. She used an analogy like liquid going through a coffe straw, and a water pipe or something like that. I was told that this would allow me to get 3 times as much out of all my data. I'm not a tech whiz, but I have heard the term Compressed Data before so when she explained it to me I took that at its face value. While after calling customer service wondering why my data was gone in a day I was told that they have never heard of Compressed Data, it's not a thing, and Hughsnet dose not offer any kind of magic internet service or something along those lines. Why would the sales person make that up? What is Compressed Data then? Is it something Hughsnet offers? Was it BS? I called for info, and only decided to go ahead after talking to this sales person.
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Re: Compressed Data

Hi grrymarkley, HughesNet does use some compression techniques mainly to make the system perform better but it is no magic thing that will allow you to get 3 times data on the internet for the price of one. Data doesn't work that way. There is some dead space in transmissions and downloads but nothing like what you were told can be reduced. At least not currently.


Basically, if a file or web page is "x" amount in size then you will be charged "x" amount of data against your usage. Again, maybe some small savings but nothing near what you were told by sales.


Also, things like streamed video files are already compressed so any small savings there is pretty much negated.


Re: Compressed Data

Hello grrymarkley,


Welcome to our community! Our sales agent was right to tell you we do utilize compression techniques. You can read more about how the service works here:




We would like to note that compression does not mean truly unlimited. The fact that you ran out of data in a day does concern me and I think it is worth taking a look at what is connected on your network. Do you have a DiSH or DirecTV set-top/DVR box in your home?