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Connecting to wifi on Gen 5 Ht2000w modem

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Re: Connecting to wifi on Gen 5 Ht2000w modem

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If connecting to the 2.4Ghz radio (like most people should), should I disable the 5Ghz radio since I am not going to use it or just leave it alone?  Would it be better for security to disable it or does it matter?    

Wait.  Hold everything Smiley Surprised  Why should we be using 2.4GHz on our computers and tablets vs 5GHz?  I have my devices set up on my dual band AC1200 NetGear router like, smartphones and tablet (anything that uses video) on 5GHz.  Printer and 3 Amazon Echo Dots on 2.4GHz.  I don't know what band the TP-Link smart plugs are on.  Most likely 2.4 


I know 2.4GHz band is longer reaching but it's also transmits at a slower speed, is a more congested band and can cause dropped connections.  My computer is less than a foot from my wifi router and I have an extender to boost both band signals to the other end of the house.  5GHz band is faster (altho shorter reaching without an extender) hence the reason for video playing devices to be on 5GHz band.  This band also uploads and downloads files faster.  Most other household devices use 2.4 so you're more likely to run into a congested signal...OR have I been wrong all these years Smiley Surprised


After researching whether I should use 2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz, I came to the conclusion that 2.4Ghz was best for me, as it would be for most people on Hughesnet.      


First, the difference in available speed between the two is negligable when it comes to Hughesnet.  2.4Ghz will transmit at up to 450Mbps to 600Mbps.  HughesNet's speed tops out at just shy of 50Mbps with Gen5, and even if you use multiple devices, it splits that speed, so one would practically never see the advantage of the 5Ghz band when it comes to speed and HughesNet.      


Secondly, though the 2.4Ghz band is more congested, I am out in the boonies and my closest neighbor is 300 feet away (and they don't use Wi-Fi).  Congestion isn't a factor for me.  An apartment complex is a place where using the 5Ghz band would probably be beneficial.   


Thirdly, as mentioned, 2.4Ghz has better range and is more reliable overall when it comes to walls and such.    

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Re: Connecting to wifi on Gen 5 Ht2000w modem

Sounds good Smiley Happy  My setup (router and extender) is working for me so unless something changes, I think I'll stay on a 5GHz band even if it's an overkill. 

BTW, my nearest neighbors are 300 yards away.  One to the north and one to the south Smiley Wink

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Re: Connecting to wifi on Gen 5 Ht2000w modem

 What wi-fi extender are you using?


Re: Connecting to wifi on Gen 5 Ht2000w modem

NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi Range Extender (EX6150-100NAS)