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Connection drops intermittently

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Connection drops intermittently

I switched from dial up to Hughesnet Gen 4, with an HT 1100 router, many years ago. Over that time, only very heavy storm/cloud cover would interfere with the satellite signal. However, for the last several months, I have been getting an unusual amount of time outs when I try to load my usual internet sites. I assumed that my Cisco Router was failing so I replaced it with an AUSU AC 1900 wireless router. I still am getting timeout errors, even on days like today when it is not overcast (50% Cumulus, 50% Blue sky). I am using Windows 10 and Google Chrome. Both http sites and https sites are effected. When I click on a site, it ends up with various time out errs. This is an intermittent problem...sometimes the sites load, sometimes they don't. This problem is effecting my wife's computer on our same home network also. I called HughsNet technical help and they did all their remote tests and found nothing wrong. No big wonder...the problem is afterall, "INTERMITANT". It is notable that the MODEM sits in a well ventalated area with free space all around, and TECH Help had me reset it to no still keeps happening.  My and my wife's computer are connected to  the router via wire, but I also tried pluging my computer directly into the router...still intermittent fails to load.  It is noteable that if I wait awhile and try again, the site may load. I susect a possible slight dish alingnment problem with last Winters snow and ice, but I am just guessing. What to do?


My apologies for not remembering this sooner...I am almost 74 and have noticed a lot of forgetfulness lately.  After posting, things began to look familiar, like I had been through all this before.  When facebook re-posted a post that I had posted four years ago, it all came back to me.  It seems my suspicions were correct as you will see in my re-post from four years ago.   It would appear that HughsNet keeps selling satellite services to more and more customers despite the fact that their satellite can no longer handle the traffic during peak hours...which is likely that they give free "Bonus" data after 12:00 midnight.  They want to get people to access more in the off-hours to lighten the load on prime time when their system cannot handle the load.  But, the just keep on putting more and more customers on the system.  

My FaceBook post from four years ago:

May 19, 2013 ·
"HughesNet is a satellite dish "INTERNET provider". It has over-sold and continues to sell their services even though they have admitted (to me), that during peak hours of usage customers may find that there are "problems". The "problems" is that during peak hours of usage, you will not be able to access the INTERNET at all. When I called them, predictably they tried to sell me an "upgrade" (faster and more expensive). When I asked if the "upgrade" would solve the problem, he responded, "Well no, you may still have "problems" during peak hours (AM works, late afternoon and evenings are virtually without service). As per usual, I lapsed into my native tonge...gratuitous profanity. Note to others considering Hughsnet. Research on the INTERNET about HughsNet (don't just take my word for it), it is one of the lowest rated IP companies. The two most common comments from users are: "...Only get it if there is no other choice...", and, "...marginally better than dial-up if at all...". I agree with them. If you have NO other choice. Hughes-Net is the way to go...just don't expect to access the Internet but in the AM. As for me, there is no other choice, no cable access out here, dial-up is too slow (albeit more relieable), to down-load software updates. In short, Hughes-Net sucks big time."


With my memory restored, I will now drop out of this discussion.



I tried to post this earlier today but it apparently did not make it to the forum. Perhaps I did it just as one of the dropouts occurred.


I and another user (@Matt_Is_My_Name) have been discussing and trying to troubleshoot these same problems in a different topic on here (Intermittent System Outage returns.) I would suggest that you (and perhaps others) should join our conversation. We did receive some indication from a moderator (@Amanda) that HughesNet engineers may have found a possible cause on their end.

As I rather suspected before, Matt, you, and I are all not only on the same gateway (#2), we are also all on the same beam (#23). Beam 23 covers most of Ohio which is where Matt and I both live. I would bet it is likely that you live in Ohio as well or very nearby.




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I have read this whole thread and I have had the same intermittent problem since I started using HughesNet over a year ago.  However, an independent IT person suggested a temporary fix.  When my browser seems to stall, time out or not even able to connect, I go into the Internet settings, Change Proxy Settings, LAN settings, make sure the Proxy Server is UN-checked to use a proxy server.  For some unknown (to me) reason, this box becomes checked.  And when it does, it slows down my connection, and will often time out when trying to load.  As soon as I uncheck the box, the page loads right away.  No rhyme or reason.  



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I've been having the same issue since "upgrading" as well.  Today in my search efforts I discoved something that is working for me so far!!  Give it a try.....

From Remote Desktop before connecting to the host computer click on Options, Experience tab, in the drop down select satellite, mine automatically defaulted to the following check's applied Desktop Composition and Visual Styles, I left them as is.  There are also 2 boxes at the very bottom that I left checked (Persistent bitmap and Reconnect if dropped). Then connect.  I was being dropped every 30 seconds before applying this change then it ran perfectly after that for the remaining hour session.  Good luck!!