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Connection drops intermittently


Connection drops intermittently

At least once per day - usually more - my connection drops. I restart the modem and all is good until it isn't again. If I do not restart the modem, the outage lasts about an hour. Typically, this will happen in the afternoon, but it isn't exclusive to that time, and it does not matter what the weather is. I've had it happen in clear skies. It's very frustrating to be in the middle of a project and the connection drops. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Connection drops intermittently

Hello Nicole,

There are a number of reasons and ways that a connection may be lost.

It would help to know what Hughes Modem you have (HN9000, HT1100, HT2000w)

It would also help to know how you are connected ... single computer connected directly to the Modem or through a router?

If through a router are you connecting by wire or wireless?

If you are using a Router, what IP address do you have the Routers LAN IP address set to?


The Hughes Modem logs many aspects of your connection. The Modems internal SCC (System Control Center) can be found by entering into your browsers address bar.

Powering off the Modem will wipe out the most easily read logs. The next time you lose your connection please open up the SCC and look at the top two icons. Are they both green? Please post any error conditions listed.

Here is a screenshot of the HT1100's SCC:

SCC Main page snip.PNG


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Re: Connection drops intermittently



This would be a good macro.  

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