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Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

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Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

Aside from the incredible pervasive ignorance of their general staff, it is now apparent HughesNet does not even communicate well between departments!! In attempting to cancel the most lamentable excuse for a “service” in my lifetime, the incessant arguments and endless excuses has finally come to an end!  Amanda, one of the elite staffers I am told, offered me the option of cancelling my atrocious service, waiving any fees or return of equipment. After 2 hours and 43 minutes of attempting to communicate with a string of employees having the cumulative IQ of a line of fence posts, I think I’m finally done with this miserable assemblage of incompetents, save the pending regulatory agency complaints in process. 

If considering this company as an ISP, go for intensive therapy first. HughesNet insists you work for them more than they work for you! Their expensive service, when functional, is marginal at best and when you call to attempt to address a service issue, too bad. They have NO solutions, other than testing! Testing done on your time and at the expense of your meager data allowance. They then send you to this “place”, envisioned to be in the bowels of some medieval dungeon, where interminable trolls lurk in the shadows, telling you how insanely happy they are with their service and if you were just smarter, had an IT degree or used to drive spaceships, you’d really like HughesNet! What a stellar group of egotistical, technical “wizards" are herein encountered. 

 These are dishonest, unethical and deceitful people, employed by a devious and dishonorable company. Pradman Kaul could learn much from an honest businessman. My attempt at doing business with HughesNet has given me a much greater appreciation for companies who actually CARE about customer satisfaction and are staffed with individuals having a command of the English language. HughesNet is only about customer volume. How deep can they put their hands into your pocket?  
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