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Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

No doubt. I’m running out of worthy adversaries. You have certainly proved to be a huge disappointment. 
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

I gather this is your point??? To trash and disrespect the members and mods until you get banned?
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

Was thinking you might wish to delete such an ignorant statement but, you left it hanging. Was merely affording you an opportunity to preserve some degree of integrity but you chose to leave it there.

You obviously have much deeper rooted personal issues.  
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

I’m not required to do so. You folks handle making fools of yourselves without my assistance. I do believe you to be a glutton for punishment. You are under no obligation to attend any of my posts. Do you UNDERSTAND that?
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

I sure hope the official reps are back here Monday instead of Tuesday, but alas I fear it will be the latter. 
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

lol.....Keep away and spare yourself the humiliation! 
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

Michael's experience with Hughes I'm afraid is a comedy of errors.

His case is one of the few that .... "fell through the cracks" and that was due to a number of things.

Expectations and ... procedures.

Expectations were that his system was going to work ... and that is not too much to ask for.

The question then becomes: "Is this a Hughes problem or is this something on the subscribers end ... or a combination?.

That brings us to procedures.

The normal procedure is to call tier 1 support. That has got to be a tough job. In most cases it is outsourced. To me that means a language problem right from the start. I'm a twice retired Old Duffer machinist. Decades of exposure to high frequency noise has killed my ability to hear well. Talking to someone on the phone is a burden. Toss in a strong accent and it now is "difficult". I know my way around computers very well but I can only imagine the frustration a novice user would have  .. poor hearing, accented support of a unfamiliar subject, dropped calls, unreturned calls and last but not least ... The Sacred Script.

I can understand the frustration .... to a point.

Once here in the Community a user needs to understand that "Corporate" level support supersedes tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, Advanced ......

In reference to the above I give you Michael's "Who are we to Believe" topic:

 It was at this point a matter of "Let the insults and name calling begin".

We were not able to establish that three kings beat a pair. (Corporate vs Tier 1)

We were not able to keep the "conversation" flowing in order ... Top to Bottom .. so that many things were overlooked or misunderstood.

(IE: toggling turbopage)

That still leaves us at  what is the Root Of The Problem?

> run a series of speed tests under controlled conditions <

This was a lot harder than it should have been ... to many responses posted in the middle of a topic rather than at the end ... 1,2,3 4 ...

The purpose of course is to determine is the issue is periodic (overloaded beam) or systemic (could be related to poor install (static buildup due to poor grounding?) among many other things.

Collection of baseline data in usable form is key.

In this case we could NOT get Michael to conform to 3 "sets" of 3 to 5 tests in 24 hours over a two or three day period. It just went test after test after test .. in many cases in a size that engineering couldn't use. Wasted time, wasted dated and more frustration.

At times, phone support scares me. In this case someone felt that the issue was user related (OS or Network) hand referred him to HTS.

Not my first choice .. and then to remove Activity Monitor from the OS???????

Oh My!

I still think that because of diminishing data MD's slow speeds of an already "fragile" SP3 system had some basis of activity on his computer.

From a Hughes standpoint if the issue is rooted on the users end .. its on the user .. but we never really got good baseline info.

Engineering, once involved, is not likely to call a subscriber directly. They will make "tweaks" and perhaps make notes or update a Mod if that was the method of escalation but thinks are going to have to be eliminated one by one before they tinker with a users outroute and individual service server.

It is not a fast process and there is not a lot of "feedback". BirdDog had a speed issue a couple of years ago and it took about 6 weeks to get resolved from beginning to end and he knows the "drill" as well as anyone.

It is the nature of a satellite connection to be more fragile that a ground based system .. there are more "moving parts" and the FIX is not as simple as flipping a switch.

The root issue for Michael MAY have been a totally saturated beam to which there is no fix under the current picture.

The fix obviously is to wait out the introduction of Gen5 and that will also take its own timeframe.

This whole thing could have went better than it did but frustration is what it is .. but so are repeated caustic remarks and outright name calling.

Time for this thread to R.I.P,




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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

Life happens while we’re making others plans. Yes, there were many errors and insults associated with this entire fiasco and I own my rude remarks. It was not all bad and I actually enjoyed much of the sarcastic banter. 

I was sent to this site by the folks at Home Tech, with the understanding that “experts” would be taking my case from that point forward. That did not happen. I received the canned initial response from the employees and afterward it was pretty much the non-employees who were doing all the talking and making recommendations, when not being rude or condescending and highly critical of my limited experience with computers. No, we did not get off to a good start and I remain highly resentful of the actual employees doing little to nothing throughout the period from July to January. But, that is old history and immaterial now. 
Having no bearing at this juncture, but had I known the Hughes system was so severely laden with major service problems and hosted so many grossly unhappy customers, I would never have signed up. I have no wish to know the inner workings of computers, no desire to be a tech and care less about how satellites function. I am and wish to remain, plug-n-play. 

So, thats that. It is what it is. If planning to continue your issue resolution efforts, consider being a bit more tolerant of other folks while understanding everyone does not enjoy your level of technological expertise. Mark Twain said it best I think, “We’re all ignorant just ignorant of different things”. You gain nothing being callous and rude to others as you attempt to dazzle them with knowledge and they are already peeved and frustrated or would not be here to begin with. 

Best wishes for a peaceful, safe and prosperous 2017 and beyond. 
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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

More laughable nonsense.  It's become blatantly obvious that all you can do, or I should say try to do, is make yourself look superior.  It would be nothing but comical, if it weren't somewhat sad and pathetic.

Making a fool of myself?  Wow, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.  That's the only thing you've done since your first post.

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Re: Considering Hughes Net as an ISP?

Say bozo....why do you insist on doing this to yourself? Doze back off...we’ll wake you if needed.