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Constant buffering on youtube


Constant buffering on youtube

Router hard wired with cat 5..definition set at other devices on..tests say everything is fine...still a YouTube movie is buffering every minute..why? What is the solution? Very very frustrating.
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Re: Constant buffering on youtube



A couple of things to try..


First, try turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver to see if it helps with the buffering.  Though it normally shouldn't matter with 480p video, it might help.  What is Video Data Saver?


The second thing is to try another video or two.  I've had times where I can watch some videos with no problems at 480p, or even higher resolution with the Video Data Saver paused or off, yet I can't watch another video at 360p or even 240p without it buffering like crazy.  Why this is I don't know.  Perhaps slower servers for the ones having the problems?  Again, I honestly don't know why this happens. 


Last night I couldn't watch a three minute video about the Hillsborough Disaster in 480p, and with the VDS paused, without it buffering constantly, but I could watch both the Blade Runner 2049 trailer and an instructional video for installing a phone screen protector in 1080p with no issues, and with the entire trailer video completely loading before I was even 20 seconds into it.  

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Re: Constant buffering on youtube

Hi oxbowfarm38,


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