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Could We Please Get An Explnation Of What Is Wrong?

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Could We Please Get An Explnation Of What Is Wrong?

Could We Please Get An Explnation Of What Is Wrong?

Could we also get an estimate of how many more months we will have degraded service?

It's been over a month since the announcement/ opology for poor service, and the 3 Gb token gift.

It's been 3+ months since the service slowed on Beam 55 . How long does the announced reallocation take? Is this the root problem?

The new normal is under 500 Mbs Dwn , and occasionally an unusable service some evenings, especially for viewing streaming video.

Could We Please Get An Explnation Of What Is Wrong?


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Are you streaming on a wireless device? If so, are you on the 2.4 GHz or 5GHz frequency? We have had many modems that were no good since we started with Gen 5 with precisely your issue. Connect a streaming device via LAN cable and turn the Video Saver feature on and check 480p streaming. If you get no buffering, run the same test through the WiFi on both frequencies. If streaming buffers with the saver on, it could be a bad modem.

I agree that HughesNet has some serious problems and that their response has been virtually non-existent.

I have had over six months of poor and deriorating service. The phone tech support has been non-support. The only sense of support I have had has come after discovering this forum. My sense, also, is the the mods and tech people are overwhelmed and have been unable to fix whatever is wrong. Perhaps they have no idea what is wrong.

At long last I have been told that nothing is planned to be  done on my beam (beam 10 on E-17, my location is blacked out from E-19) and that I can cancel without fees and have been given credits to my account. They are still selling on beam 10, although not as agressively.

What is upsetting is that a system that has worked well for a long time (I've been on HughesNet for over 7 years) has in a short period of time degenerated so radically with no acknowledgment from HughesNet. To my mind it is extraordinary stupidity in management. Perhaps it is because there are so few options for those of us in rural areas they believe we will be stuck with whatever they offer.

I wish I could just do something else easily. I could try Excede, but not too many think highly of them. Or I could spend a lot of money to run a cable to the main road over half a mile away for so-so cable with half the download speeds that HughesNet advertises and periodic breaks in service.

Please, if someone at HughesNet management reads what people are saying here, tell us something.

you are talking to deaf ears. no one help me. I've only had it for 6 months.

If you don’t call (866) 347-3292 you can’t get any help. Customer Service agents know which customers are in the affected Beams and are willing to create Dispatch orders for techs to get you repointed. Keep your case numbers handy to shorten you return call time.
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@Installer, you may want to consider using the quote functionality and try to keep things in a single post so it doesn't appear that you're spamming. 🙂  Or just tag people at the start of each paragraph in a single post so we know what comment goes where. >.>

I hope HN moving us on beam 55 ES19 to ES17 doesn't just clog up that satellite ending up with the same problem all over again.

There are things that HNS is doing to help customers like yourself who are experiencing very slow download and upload speeds.  I'm not sure where you are located, but in Northern California, we (installing dealers) are receiving work orders to repoint customers like yourself off of the Echostar 19 satellite and on to the Echostar 17 satellite.  We are seeing very consistent download speeds around 25 Mbps on this satellite, but not as fast on the upload side.  Still, it will allow you to do all the video streaming you like with no interruption.  I suggest you contact customer support (I know you are probably tired of hearing that) and request that they create a "Defined Dispatch" to repoint your satellite dish to the Echostar 17 satellite (assuming there is a beam from this bird in your area).  They will create this order at your request.  They know which beams are having problems and if yours is obviously one of those beams then we can send a technician out and get you going again.  In some cases, we are also swapping the antenna with the larger .90 meter dish that all customers are now getting installed with.  The bigger reflector will also help with better performance.  These beams that are experiencing these slow speed issues have filled up rather quickly and this is another issue being resolved as well.  Make the call and get the service order initiated to have a tech come out.

this is exactly what I am being told, that engineers are working in my area to resolve the issue, I also filed a complaint with this outside agency that this site won't allow me to "SAY" the name of the agency. hope I'm not stuck in a contract I've only had the service for 6 months and it was fine and dandy for the first month, I never signed a contract they just juiced me up and are now debiting my account each month while I have little or no service. being cycled around the customer service menu is horrible transferred to one agent after another to explain my issue over and over. the tech. was supposed to come to my house yesterday and called me to cancel and then rescheule for today but they never showed up or called, they left me hanging, I left two messages and no return call. I'm pretty sure they added ME to your already over loaded Beam. I am in Caliente, Ca.

That’s horrible the techs no-showed you. This is frowned upon by HNS and the distributors. You can contact Customer Service and they will contact the distributor to get another dealer to handle your repair. Also, Hughesnet will allow cancellations and waive early termination fees for extremely bad cases that they simply can’t resolve.
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