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Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

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Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Well, this is a forum and forums are for open discussions right?  As the title indicates, what are your thoughts on Hughesnet's customer base actually trying to scam Hughesnet.

I have read through a lot of posts on the forum.  Not all, but a fair amount are from users of Hughesnet service expressing hatred with the service, and what appears to be ALL ending with "I want my money back" or "I can't pay for the Early Termination Fees" or "I need my fees waved".  Some users are given FREE data tokens, WHICH THEY USE, and still want refunds.  Overall I'm hearing and gathering the customer base saying "Give us service, but I don't want to pay.  I want to burn through as much data as I can, and in the end I want all my money back no matter how long I have used the service".  It truly is sad, and people should be ashamed of themselves.  You mix up your junk and bad behavior so that legit folks don't have a fair shake.  It says in the fine print that you will pay an ETF!  Tough $hit!  You signed up didn't ya.  You reached in your purse, wallet, jar, pillow case, and gave them your card, which is EQUAL to your signature.  Just because you didn't read extra information or didn't research prior to signing up, is not Hughesnet's problem.  "They didn't tell me..."  Bull!  They did too!  The agent on the phone didn't sit in silence!

Deep breathe...  :-)

I have always been told/taught to READ the fine print on everything, and do the research.  If then and only then you decide to give it a go, IT IS MY FAULT.  No one HELD A PERTICULAR WEAPON TO MY HEAD AND FORCED ME TO SIGN UP OR PURCHASE ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!  You have a choice.  It was the clearest of choices!  Sign up for Hughesnet or Don't.  As a consumer, and a citizen of the United States of America, you had a choice.  Hughesnet is not a monopoly.  There ARE other services out there, and you had the option of going with a different one, or researching a different service.  But you didn't.  You also CALLED them or placed an order online.  YOU DID!  Not hughesnet!  If you called them to order, the person on the other line just didn't say, "Give me your credit card, and good luck".  THEY EXPLAINED THINGS TO YOU, and it was up to you to listen, and ask questions if YOU don't understand.  They are a business, and if they can get someone to sign up without asking a single question, WOOT WOOT!  Gas stations would love it if you walked in handed them your credit card, and you said "CHARGE WHATEVER YOU WANT" and you walk out with nothing, don't fill up and drive off.  Kinda makes you look stupid doesn't it?  SAME HERE PEOPLE!

I'm glad that my service is above what I expected.  I am sorry for those that are legitimately experiencing trouble.  Just like buying a car, you will experience trouble at some point.  I just hope that if I experience problems, that two things will happen...

1.  Hughesnet will guide me through the issue as best as they can over the phone or via the forum, and send help out if it is feasible.

2.  My installer is nice enough that I can call them for assistance or input.  If I feel I need to.

I wish all the best to everyone!  I hope in the end I can help someone that is having a legitimate problem, I hope this forum never goes away, as it is VERY entertaining to read the complaints.



Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Hi Eric,

Glad to see you offer assistance to those who need it, we can always use more of that around here. 

Unfortunately, yes, we do have cases where people try to get more out of us. It's sure to happen whenever we offer to help.

Thanks for posting, and remember to chill out a little bit and tone it down, please. Smiley Happy We've seen from experience here in the community that folks don't always see the lessons in "tough love" posts and just take offense at anything remotely harsh. 

We want to encourage discussion while also maintaining a welcoming attitude here in the community. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

I have to agree with jezra that 5 days of daily resets for new subscribers is adequate to get all devices updated but still leave ample time to evaluate the service.

The "devil is in the details" is a truism and those details are described in detail in the Subscriber Agreement.

If you haven't got it in writing, you haven't got it.

Claims by salespeople: Many aspects of computers and networking can be very confusing to those not well versed in the subject. A sales person may make a perfectly valid statement that is misunderstood or not comprehended by a novice user. Sales calls could run in to hours while trying to "educate" a new user. There are other forms of verification that can and should be done by every prospective customer regardless of product or service.

Research the subject. Take latency for example. Look at how many users totally are unaware of the concept.

People make assumptions ... incorrect ones at that. Take other "satellite" services such as Directv or Dish. Those types of "one-way" services can compete very well with cable with the result that many folks do not understand that two-way satellite communication is entirely different.

In the end any product or service can "break" and that certainly applies to satellite Internet and troubleshooting is a must. A satellite connection has more "moving parts" and therefore is more fragile than ground based services. Some of those parts are at the users location and that being remote requires that the subscriber participate in the troubleshooting process. A "do it for me" is not going to work in most cases.

At one time I was a novice user too and I phone the language barrier encountered in phone support to be frustrating beyond belief. New user, new subject, unfamiliar terms and I could only understand every third word.

Knowledge is King. The more you know about your system, its strengths, its weaknesses, the tools that you have available to you .. the less you need to rely on phone support.

This Community is a great resource in gaining that knowledge.

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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Amen to Eric. I have had the HN service for 3 months now and I have yet to have a problem. A lot of the renarks and problems I am seeing is that most people sit on the computer all day long running up data. And anyone who uses the internet for online gaming and movie streaming should know that it uses a lot of data. So your best option to do this would be during the free peak hours from 2 am -8 am but if this is not feasibale to your needs then you should have been the adult and listened to your options when you signed up and also asked questions about other options. So far I have been completely satisfied except for the one time we were out of power and our home phone didn't work because we had no internet service in the home. That was thw only thing that has sucked for us so far. And it was due to a car accident so it did not last long. The service and speeds are great so far and we are located in the country. Even my 14 year old who uses the internet mostly even for online gaming especially on the weekends because its feasible for him as well as for us with him not having school during these hours has not had a complaint yet.
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

It is easy for me to get carried away when typing!  ;-)
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Me too. Sometimes.
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

I'll be honest with you Jezra...  I am still on the 20 days of resets.  IT'S AWSOME!  But I also understand that once 20 days is up, then I have to tone it down.  Which, makes me a little uneasy, but should manage.  By the time a user's 20 days is up, they have 10 days left to find out the service is not fit for them, and cancel, which would be a little frustrating for some...
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Eric, Bridget and all, I am so glad your experience has been a good one so far. 

For the record, I am NOT out to scam HN. I, to be perfectly honest, ALL I WANTED WAS NETFLIX!!! I live in the boonies. my internet provider admitted to me that they could not give me anything faster then 3 megabits per second (on a good day).. so, netflix was out. I searched satellite providers and came across HN. I read good reviews, I found some negative, and some positive, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  The sales rep was smooth in his talk, very fast speaking and truly, I am an educated person with a college degree, he spoke in terms that I was unfamiliar with. If he did mention or speak about the "reset days" in the beginning of my service, I missed it. I DO KNOW, I spoke at LENGTH about my desire to have NETFLIX! And, that sales rep was all too savvy in saying, "Of course you will be able to watch Netflix with THAT speed!" Never once mentioning or explaining to me about data usage!

All that being said, my install went well, however, the next two days were spent calling customer service trying to understand why my speed was not even close to the advertised speed. The entire experience was frustrating to say the least. Needless to say, I gave up, and immediately starting telling friends of my difficulty with HN customer service.

Then, pretty smooth sailing, until we were throttled due to using too much data. Nobody mentioned to me about "watching" my data. I just bought the next package up!  Keep in mind, I am still NOT using netflix because it buffers so badly... my speed is too slow. Yet, I am still over my data??!!

Smooth sailing for another few months and then throttled again, this time for going over my data limits, not by a little, but by an UNREAL AMOUNT! basically 46GB in 20 hours.  I spoke to 4 different customer services reps, numerous accusations made by all, but one, of them, basically saying it was my fault. Some of the accusations were rude, and clearly off base, I will not go in to details here again. Then....I FINALLY FOUND THIS ONLINE GROUP, literally stumbled upon it!!!  THIS is where my problems began to be solved and Chris (rep) gave me tokens! I had NO IDEA those things even existed!  With the help of Chris and Amanda on the HN site and all of the wonderful people (customers) in here, I have learned a LOT about data usage! DO YOU KNOW, that it was in this group where I first heard about the Data Usage meter!!?? Not one of those 4 customer service reps mentioned it to me.  With the knowledge i have learned in this group I have ALSO now realized that going thru 46GBs in 20 hours is pretty unreal and this has still not been solved... MY THEORY... it is something "bigger" then all of us! ..............ALIENS! (Just kidding!!!! haha) Seriously, I DO THINK it is a BIGGER problem and I do NOT think it is my system or my household of 2 retired people! I think there is something going on either with my dish, or even internally with HN. I have NO FACTS, I HAVE NO IDEAS, I just know that we did not use that much data intentionally or even un intentionally. 

SO--- my point is, I do NOT think HN, in its current state, is a "user friendly" product! I think the user needs to be educated about data usage and how it applies to them. This takes some education for any person, especially those who are not computer savvy. (I consider myself computer savvy)  I hesitate to say, there are many people who will not and can not understand things about the computer. I have a neighbor, none of this makes any sense to her, so, how do you educate her? (I am a retired teacher). I mean, look, even GabeU stepped in and helped his parents and I know he will educate them! However, what if GabeU's parents didn't have such an awesome son?? How would they learn (and understand) about the data usage and how it applies to their system?

Anyway-- Eric, I suspect you are young, and still learning (as we all do through out life) as you grow older, you will understand that not everyone is out to scam something, and there are different levels of intelligence in the world, and with time... You too will have an issue with HN (or something), and you will run in to the same unfair situation I found myself in these past few months. Hey, it happens. 

So---I didn't join HN to scam them, (I have never once asked for a refund, nor tokens that I didn't even know existed) I didn't join HN with my eyes closed, I had done research, I tried to ask questions of the sales rep, clearly stating my want of netflix, etc. YES, I did hand over my CC and entered in to a contract, however, I did so, believing I understood what I needed to understand, and expressing clearly what My wants and needs were.... I could go on and on.

 BOTTOM LINE even IF my internet speed ALLOWED streaming movies, it is truly not obtainable for us under the HN system. What was it that I wanted, that I stated in the first paragraph? NETFLIX!!!     Do I have it... NO!     Will I get it with this current system? NO!!!     AND--- even if my internet speed allowed it!          I would use too MUCH DATA!!!!     So... I am back to where I basically was with my original internet provider... yea, the speed is a little bit faster... but, again, not the speed I needed.  HOWEVER, thru all of my data measurement... I believe I have discovered, that I don't NEED the increased data package that I so willingly bought that first time my internet was throttled!  

Not Happy with HN, but, I signed a contract and I will pay dearly for the consequences,
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Lab-Lover, For Netfix use look into "NightShift" . I use it and watch NetFix almost every night and only use my "Bonus" data. It records while you are sleeping so you can watch it during normal hours
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Re: Customer Base = Scamming Hughesnet

Be aware that NightShift may lead to eventual copyright issues.
Tread carefully.