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Customer Cannot Install Updates

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El Dorado Netwo
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Customer Cannot Install Updates

One of my customers wrote:
I have been getting a message at the bottom right of my computer screen that says, Cannot Install Updates.  I get it all the time. I have restarted the computer many times, but it never allows the updates.

I called Microsoft technical support and was told that because I have a satellite connection, I am not able to get the updates.

Is there something that can be done so I can get the updates?  I have been having problems with my scanner and it cannot be resolved unless I get updates.
Seems like M$ passed the buck? Any ideas?
El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |
New Member

It happens often with the computers i fix. It's because the Microsoft update program gets kinda wacky. Reinstalling the OS or  seeing if the customer can repair windows update.

What version of windows does the customer have?

Windows 7:

Windows 8:

Windows 10:

Also Malware can disrupt the program too, it can corrupt or delete essential files. So it may be a good idea to make sure the system is clean.

Some Anti-Virus/Firewalls can sometimes block a programs ability to connect with the net. I use my firewall to disable updates, so it may have happened by accident.

Have they checked the windows update  log?

Hope this sheds maybe a little light on the issue. 

Hi Alan

I would like to know the same thing.. what Win version? When did it start? When was the last time it did work?


Could try using system restore, if it is enabled, to go back to a point before the last update. Then see if updates can be installed again. 

Although I've found system restore to be kind of glitchy as well, and have resorted to using system images whenever something goes wrong.

Hi guys and girlz,

Although I really dislike Windows (please don't throw stones) I have repaired many computers and installed Windows many times.

I have Never had a problem with updates over HN's satellite connection!!!

I suspect Brandon is right. It could be either a corrupt or deleted essential file or Anti-Virus/Firewall.

BTW this experience of updates over Hughes network ranges from Win98 thru Win10.

Don  🙂
El Dorado Netwo
Advanced Tutor

Thanks, All,

I've passed along your comments to my customer.

I don't think it's a HughesNet issue, either, or else I would have heard about it by now from one of my other customers.

However, asking our company to diagnose computer issues is about as futile as asking the water company to repair a leaky toilet. I've referred him to a nearby computer consultant.
El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |

Alan, I'm sure it's not a HN issue.
I could be like Mordacious said or even as simple as a setting he's overlooked.
Associate Professor

Windows Update is a finicky creature...  It could be from the wrong time on the computer, to a corrupt windows update cache on the hard drive...  What is the error code that comes up specifically?  Usually when Windows Update encounters an error, it displays an xX.XXXXXXX error code.

I forgot about the clock. First thing to check. Next is to look up the error code.
Good job man!

Don  🙂