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Customer Lack Of Service

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Customer Lack Of Service

I was a hughesnet customer for 5 yrs. Begin service Feb. 2009. In Aug 2012 we moved our service from a mobile home site on the same property as our permanent home to that home. In Aug 2014 we had fulfilled our 2 year obligation to hughesnet. Oct 15 2014 we were able to cancel with hughesnet and aquire the service of a new provider. Due to our rural location we had no choice but hughesnet, I filed a complaint with BBB in late 2012 because when our equipment was moved hughesnet created a new account. They were debiting my account for a 15th of the month payment and a 21st of the month payment. After arbitration they closed one of the accounts and reimbursed me 1/2 of what they took I agreed to avoid further difficulty. In early 2013 we experienced slow and difficult access to our internet, we were informed there had to be an upgrade to restore us to an adequate service, I agreed to pay more for this. They were the only service available I had no choice. When our current service became available we waited almost 2 months past the 2 yr new contract obligation to switch. When I called to cancel I was informed I would be charged an early termination fee. I do not agree with this charge. My normal bill was $73 per month this month my bill is $90.90 because I had to buy extra data because my system was hacked, I have no problem paying that, however; they plan to charge the early termination fee on top of my final bill bringing it to over $206.00.

Re: Customer Lack Of Service

Hello Ricky,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the community. We would like to discuss these billing matters over the phone with you. Can you verify that your primary contact number ends with *610?

- Warren