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Customer satisfaction here really bad!

New Member

Customer satisfaction here really bad!

Bad customer satisfaction! I was willing to live with my slow access, but when my credit card was debited for monthly payment without even a bill or a receipt; then, finding out that this is the only option they offer, I don't trust Hughes Net at all. Unfortunately this service is the only choice I have for access out in the country.

Re: Customer satisfaction here really bad!

Hi gwennurse,

We appreciate the post informing us of your concerns. I know this is a late response, and we apologize for this. Your thread must have slipped through our work flow. However I do want to make sure that you are receiving notifications for your billing. The email address listed on your account should be receiving bill generation/receipts messages. Is currently your main address?I also see that you called in on the 11th and our agent informed you on our CMC. Was setting up notifications explained to you during the call? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,