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DATA DEPLETION again, Ref. #106237067

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DATA DEPLETION again, Ref. #106237067



This seems a very odd way to access tech support but the support tech with whom I spoke said this is how it's done at HughesNet. OK.

Phantom data usage has happened on my account only once before in about a decade with HughesNet. Please see this thread:


The directions seem to have changed since then. Before, we were told to do a screen shot and then disconnect the LAN cable. This time I've been told to do the screen shot, post it here and then unplug the modem's power cable "at the brick" (power supply). So I'm going to do that. Here's the screenshot:




Unfortunately, this time around, I didn't notice there was a problem until I had only 2 GB left. While I was on the phone with the first tech (who hung up on me when I said I didn't want to purchase the upgrade to the "pretty new modem" she was trying to sell me), I watched it go from 2 percent to 1 percent in less than ten minutes (not streaming, not playing games, just trying to get my work done). When I did the data usage test via apparently incorrect instructions given to me by the second tech, I lost about 100MB in two hours while the LAN cable was unplugged. Now . . . well, I'm hoping those token bytes kick in automatically.


I understand someone is going to call me early in the morning. Y'all take care.



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Here is the follow up screenshot. It looks to me like the rate of ghost data loss has slown down, which is sort of what it did last time (after they finished working on the "beam" I'm on, allegedly). Yesterday, I was able to watch it drop fairly steadily in the control center while I tried to get help from Tech Support yesterday (see prior post), so I suppose this is good news. Still, it's odd to lose even this small amount when the modem isn't plugged in. 

No call back yet but it's still early.

It has gone down a couple of MB while I typed and uploaded all this.



Please perform the following test outlined in the graphic below, this is known as an isolation test and will help determine whether the issue is with Hughesnet or your local network.  When performing this test, it's absolutely necessary to follow the exact protocol outlined below.

photo P2hSeDN.jpg

1: Take a screen capture of the Status Meter
2: Disconnect the LAN cable from the modem.  If on the HT2000w, please disable wifi as well.
3: Note the date and time of the disconnect, it is best when doing step two, to also capture the time displayed on your screen.
4: Leave the LAN cable disconnected from the modem for several hours, Hughesnet recommends doing this overnight, or during the day while at work.
5: Reconnect the LAN cable to the modem.
6&7: Take a screen capture of the Status Meter with the clock displayed on your computer.
8: Post your screenshots to the community, as well as what time you disconnected, and reconnected your device to the modem.

Please be aware, if you downloaded any large files just prior to this test, or if the disconnect was for an extensive time period, some usage may appear to have occured, but should be rather negligible. 

Might consider editing those images to blot out your SAN, which is akin to posting your credit card number on the internet.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

First of all, please excuse the delay in my reply. I'm not getting notices of replies here, so I have to just keep checking back.


MarkJFine, I've taken your advice and edited the images. Thank you.


Corrosive, Hi. You might recall me from the last time I had this problem as you were in that thread, too (see above link).


As I mention in my first post in this thread, the instructions I received this time (after three techs, the first of whom hung up on me when I wouldn't buy the "upgrade" to the "pretty modem" that would give me speeds of 25 [but she couldn't say if that was bits, bytes, MB or GB and she didn't know bandwidth from data allowance] that she was trying to sell me and I'm still very steamed about it) had changed. What you've posted is what I was instructed to do before. I explain in the first post what those new instructions were (including coming here and posting images) and I did it and now . . . I know you're a volunteer here and thank the gods for that but I'm pretty much done.


I have nothing to show anyway as the data loss has again stopped (it had already slowed down significantly when I posted the images above, as I was instructed to do).


It looks like I have an intermittent problem, always a bear to troubleshoot.


I have more than proven I'm having a periodic issue. I don't understand why I have to prove it anyway. I have no reason to lie about it and I do have other things to do. If I could fix it on my own, I would. 


HughesNet is still a world better than it was ten years ago, I try to bear that in mind. However, when my friends in more urban areas complain to me about Comcast and Frontier - way faster, no data limits and excellent customer service for less than half what I'm paying -  I just stare.


Oh, and no one called today. I was up early, on a Saturday, because I was told tech support would be calling early. Silly me for believing that, I never learn.

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What devices do you have connected to the Hughesnet Service?  PCs, Macs, Smart Phones, tablets, satellite TV receivers?  


And, for future reference, although we can deduce that you used 28MB in just under four hours of the Anytime Data period (split), which isn't much, it's important that when you gather your screenshots for the modem isolation test you include the clock on your device (#3 in the instructions).  Without that clock being included it becomes more difficult for the reps to line up those screenshots to what they are seeing on their end.   



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I will never understand why users find it easier to blame their ISP than to accept that something within their network used the data.


The answer to this issue is very simple:

Buy a Router that tracks data per device


Here is some of the info displayed by my Asus RT-AC3100


Traffic for a two day period showing totals for the day and usage per device:

1 traffic 2 day all.PNG



Statistics from all devices and hours of operation:

2 traffic all.PNG



You can breakout the details of an individual device including hours of operation:

3 traffic hours samsung.PNG



You can determine what programs, processes and applications were active on that device:

4 traffic where first.PNG5 traffic where second.PNG


If the machine in question was a Windows based computer I would then install the free version of Glasswire to gain an even more in depth look into the activity on that machine.


12 Glasswire My Details.PNG


There is no mystery here, no data used from behind the "grassy knoll".

If you are going to question your usage then you need to equip your network with the tools that monitor all connection paths.


Nope, no mystery at all.


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Nothing has changed on my end but for the last few months my download data is exceeded less than 10 days after my bill was paid. I ahve been a customer for 15 years and feel like Hughes is collecting money from me and giving zero support.