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There is definitely something wrong with the data usage "graph" reports. The "Day" graph continues to message that data is not available. The "Week", "Month", and "2 Months" quit on 4/16/2016 and I doubt the numbers shown for that date are valid. However, the "Status Meter" still continues to decline the "remaining" values. There must be a data disconnect in there somewhere between the Status Meter and the Internet Usage charts. It was mentioned by your Tech contact that an update was being applied. Any information on what is going on?

Hi Bob

Thank you for your post! We are aware of this issue and already have a fix that will be going live very soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and understand this hinders the ability to check your data usage, but do know that it should be fixed soon. I'll post back with updates as soon as I have them as we do not have an exact ETA on that right now.

Larry Lewis1
New Member

Just thought you would like to know.

Ha - ha

I am a heavy used of ALL 3 of the hourly usage charts, especially the old ACtusage.cfm, which is still  WRONGLY labeled (at least for me, in EASTERN  TIME) which it is NOT, and never has been for me.  It is in Pacific TIme, still, regardless of the label.  

After 3 HT1100 modems and TWO RADIOS, (the second replaced a week ago) I STILL Have huge gobs of DATA taken from my charts ALL WHILE THE LAN  CABLE IS DISCONNECTED.  
And no, my son, the only other who uses a little of the internet here at my small house, CANNOT be a significant part of the problem.  No one, me nor him, is getting up later or sneaking, lying or frauding about this and never have.  Besides, even though the DDDD "bug"  bites mostly at night after we disconnect, it can and does happen ANY TIME.  

 IT hurts to be accused, dismissed, after 270 pages (when printed out as  MS WOrd document) of post and a hundred hours of trying to HELP YOU WITH A SYSTEMIC problem to be so accused of ONLY having data usage while my LAN cABLE IS CONNECTED.  This is just not true, NOR HAS IT BEEN TRUE FOR 9 MONTHS.  

Amanda, I doubt you will read and doubt more you will respect this, but your red DISCONNECT marks and GREEN Checks on the LAN chart ARE STILL WRONG.  During DDDD events, they are wrong.  Most of the time, about 95%, they are correct.  CAN you spell the word "CLUE?"  This has been reported to you, with good screenshots, but evidently you either don't or can't read or most likely just do not believe me.  

This has been ongoing for about 9 MONTHS.

THe benefit about me is that is occurs nearly EVERY DAY.    300MB gone last night after disconnecting.  Reset 24 hours ago and 1/2 gigabyte gone, which would have had to span at LEAST 3 hours of DDDD  (Dreaded dATA dRAIN DISEASE / Phantom Usage / Data Drain / Data Loss / Data Shrinkage.

 INVEST $3000 to $5000 bucks and send an engineer on an airplane out here if you have to to solve this most vexing problem.   It surely does not affect most of your over million customers in the boonies, but from posts, I am not the only one. Is there no one at HUghes even curious and able to find the CAUSE of this horrendous situation? (Other than blaming us customers ALL THE TIME, and calling us all LIARS? 


THank you, 

Larry Lewis
Nordman,  Idaho 
New Member

Thanks...  They told me that I was the only person having the problem.  I have not been able to see my daily data since the 15th or the 16th.  Their people don't know what they are doing OR they are simply told to lie or not given enough info.  I feel sorry for their reps.  Their customer service VP and president/CEO just don't care.

   My data keeps dropping and we are not using as much as the total is dropping.  I read where others have dropped big amounts.  We used 22 gig in one day and we were not home most of the day.  Used 6 gig on a Sunday when we had our laptops off and were in church services.

By the way...these folks who keep acting like they know the law need to stay away from areas they know little about.  Arb stips or agreements are not binding in cases of fraud ...or at least most courts will toss them.

 Hughes just needs to be honest with their customers and tell us when their systems are down and/or they have issues.  By the way, the charts now appear to be working...came up 15 minutes ago.  They do have a company with great potential.  They just need to make some changes in how they address their customers and realize they have some serious issues with customers losing data.  It is not a joke when so many have the same problems.  Just my 2 cents.