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DATA USAGE and some other basic questions needing links.

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DATA USAGE and some other basic questions needing links.

Hi, My modem HT1000 Ser # is B 1 0005253809. Although I don't believe that will be needed for this. My bytes are disappearing. Now, I know the drill about how things should work, because I have been using GEN4 right at 2 years now. But when I just do e-mail, with no known videos going, on a Ethernet cable with no smart TV or other devices draining. I don't even have them - my life in the Northwoods of Idaho is actually quite basic. My usage is ticking away - lots more than it should. This has occurred before but was very intermittent and manageable. I was - without even asking 2 days ago - given 4GB of tokens, which was exceedingly kind and generous. But about half of that was my fault and the only reason i called tech was to ask how to buy tokens. So here is what i need help with:

 1. How do I get the status meter.

 2. How do I buy tokens - may well need some this month. My son tells me that the only time we bought tokens it was done from the status meter. I DID go to Hughes net and could not figure out how to do that, which amazed me. I am usually persistent to a fault.

 3. How do I find out the Details OF MY USAGE,? Not just a summary, but in great detail.

4. How do I disable ALL embedded videos from playing until I want them to.

 I apologize for asking - I thought I had some good links from here, but they were not easily findable. HINT - HINT if any Hughes Employees are monitoring: PLEASE MAKE A PDF OF THESE Basics AVAILABLE WITH Good links. I HAVE SO FAR, BEFORE THIS, dissolved over an hour trying to remedy this easily. I know this can be done easily.  But for 2 YEARS, Praise God! Miracle of miracles when compared to many here... I have not needed to do this. My career has not been in It, so this is not what I "DO." I need things to work "No brainer," ideally at least by far most of the time. Incidentally this text box is the WORST I have ever dealt with. HARD to use. Why??????????????

The reason I need this information is that when I JUST use, carefully, e-mails, and my monthly allotment is used up it now is about a half a gigabyte just for e-mails, if i leave the computer on. I have good spyware, no known viruses, good working computer, etc.  I am chewing up Four tenths to a half gigabyte just for e-mails the past few days.  You can do the math.  If this continues, i will need a 20GB or 15GM data package just to do e-mails.  There are NO large files in the mostly 20KB e-mail files -  clearly discernable in OUTLOOK.   It has worked fine for 2 years, but for some unknown reason data is disappearing and I do not know where or how.  Incidentally, I have beEn able to do FAR MORE with only regular DAYTIME bytes than just e-mail.  Lots of short YouTubes derated to 144 or 240.Several full length documentaries.  Fair amount of searches in Startpage, BING, ETC.  Stuff for homeschool.  If data does not go into a black hole, I CAN get good value for my nearly $1000 a year,


Larry and Nathanael (age 110 LEWIS
Nordman, Idaho

Re: DATA USAGE and some other basic questions needing links.

Hi Larry,

Welcome back. No need to apologize for asking questions, that's why we're here.

1. You can download the Status Meter from the Support Center here:

2. You can buy tokens from within the Status Meter. Our knowledge base (KB) article here shows how under "Status Meter" :

3. The Usage History tab in the Status Meter includes more information about your usage. If you are looking for more detailed usage stats, such as what exactly is using your data, we do not provide that information. There are third-party programs that can track that data for you, such as Netguard and Networx. We don't support those programs, they're not ours, but some community members use them and may be able to assist if you have questions about using those programs.

4. There are browser add-ons/extensions you can download to prevent embedded flash videos from autoplaying, such as AdBlock. Again, our community members can help you out if you have add-on/extension questions.

*Regarding your request for a PDF file, I've explained to you in your original thread on this topic that it would not be feasible to do so due to the sheer amount of information:

Hope that helps, do post back if you have more questions, we're happy to help.



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Re: DATA USAGE and some other basic questions needing links.

Hi Larry,

In part:

#2: Tokens:

Melissa wrote a How-To on Tokens that can be found here:

#3: Measuring and tracking tools:

Blocking Ads: Varies by browser as this is a browser extension )


(install the proper version in each browser)

NoScript  (script blocker browser extension for Firefox and Moziila based browsers)

There is a short list to work on.