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DNS Server Errors

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Sarah Rowley
New Member

DNS Server Errors

I have had this problem most of this month!! Here are the case numbers from having to call support to no avail to straighten the problem out.I have Gen 4 modem is HT1100! Case numbers I have are 47156914 on 4/11/15, 47165480 on 4/12/15, 47181619 on 4/13/15, 47183648 on4/14/15, 47200704 on 4/14/15, 47312526 on 4/21/15 and still have not gotten the DSN server errors fixed! Here is what I have done rebooted computer several times, changed dns server to the and, cleared cache, unplugged evrything from wall,done flush DNS, cleared cache and cookies. Well after all this support told me my computer was messed up and refered me to hometec which I have to pay $9.99 a moth for 12 months until paid! So hometec said they could not find anything wrong with my computer, and now I'm still having the same issues and out of money to find out it wasn't my computer. Someone needs to fix this I pay to much money to not be able to use the internet..
Sarah Rowley
New Member

I agree Sgoshe!
Saleem Khan
New Member

Faced the same error and sorted out by flushing DNS, thank to this guide:
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