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Daily Data Refill for first 20 days

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Daily Data Refill for first 20 days

I've been reading questions about service.  I am a new customer and its been 2 days since I had service installed.  I've read comments about people getting their data refilled daily for the first 20 days so that customers computers can update their software, etc.  That hasn't applied to me.  I review my daily usage and it has not been getting refilled daily.  Data is drawn from my monthly allowance.  I got Satellite Internet (Hughes Net) through my home phone service, Frontier.  Not sure if that makes a difference.
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Re: Daily Data Refill for first 20 days

You might want to ask Frontier, as Hughesnet direct subscribed customers get 20 days on the HT series of modems, and 10 days on the HN9000 series modems.
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Re: Daily Data Refill for first 20 days

I will contact them.  I also have the HN9000 Series.  Thanks.  
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Re: Daily Data Refill for first 20 days


I went with Frontier after fulfilling my original 2 year contract with Hughes directly.   I DID get the refill for about 20 days.  That was Feb 2015.  

That's the short version. If you want the DETAILS read on...

The original 2 years was fine.  So was the first 4 months with frontier / Hughes.   The past 4 months have been from Hell.   I have data used randomly when my Ethernet cable is disconnected. Even when the HT1100 modem is powered down.   

I can't say enough good about Frontier techs. USA.  Native English speakers.  But they are stymied by corporate policies.  Hughes just does not either care or does not believe me. There is NO communication between Hughes and Frontier and me, other than hand-typed notes from Frontier.  I cannot send the evidence of this.  I was promised a call at  10 a.m., Eastern time yesterday from Hughes.  I was home.   I have one number - a reliable land line. NO call. You will read here often that that seems to be the case.  

The contract, I was told yesterday, requires / allows NO DIRECT CONTACT between Hughes and Frontier techs - at least the lower level ones who answer your call.  .  Hughes wants to close the case, but the data drain just keeps on occurring.  Frontier believes me because I go over the details line by line with them.  They report in writing to Hughes.  Nothing happens other than a statement that all is fine on their end, which I have to call in again and devote 15 minutes or a half to whole hour on another call.  It is NOT not true overall that all is fine. It probably was true when Hughes checked., I cannot send the evidence to either Frontier or Hughes because policies are set up to disallow this.  WONDERFUL CATCH 22's, it would seem. Other than here, which will not work for me for some unknown reason.  I can easily send my MS word files with the evidence of data drain / data leakage / Dreaded Data Drain Disease / Phantom Usage.   I do not know how an ongoing problem that is intermittent - and interminable amounts of time making screenshots, keeping records to be able  to cogently communicate what I believe to be a severe problem can be solved without some meaningful 2-way communication.  

I hope you never have the problem, but BE VERY CAREFUL.  Learn about what you have or it can get very frustrating and expensive.  I don't mind the first $1000 a year.  But the problem to me costs a SECOND $1000 a year, for data I do not use, while my Ethernet cable is in the air. 

I say all that to say this:  Be very careful about your data use. This is a great place to learn about that. I have plugged all the holes I can regarding data usage,  and learned about that here. I do not use router at all, only mostly one Vista computer so Win10 or Win7 updates are not an issue.- and I DO keep very careful tabs on my usage. 

Do not use Netflix (we don't) and derate your YouTubes and you can get a LOT from the Internet. But get accustomed to noting the ending data amount and the amount when you get back on.  I assume most of the million Hughes customers have no or minimal problems.   If your household will allow it, turn router OFF when not using it.  Otherwise you are likely to see your data go down the drain and you will not know why.  KEEP VERY CLOSE TRACK.  

Get Glasswire of other data monitoring software.  You can search for old posts about that on this forum.  

Hope this helps.  

Larry in No. Idaho

Re: Daily Data Refill for first 20 days

Hi benallyaaron,

As Charles mentioned. Contacting Frontier would be the best way to find out. 

- Chris