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Data Allowance Idea

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Data Allowance Idea

I've seen a lot of posts about the data usage issues. I have the mid-range package....10GB anytime with 50GB bonus. I always have to watch how much data I'm using during in the month and usually go right down to the wire with just a tad left of my anytime. The bonus allowance is available only from 2am-8am. I never use more than half of those 50GB if that much. It's usually around 20GB.  Mine resets tonight and I have only used 18.9GB. That means the rest just goes "poof"! I download a lot of games, big games some as large as 1GB. My normal routine is to line them up in the download queue and if I wake up in the night, start them then.

  But.....wouldn't it be nice if HN would offer a "Usage Free" period once a month, or even once a quarter.  By that I mean a few hours from 8am-2am of allowing our data usage to be drawn from our bonus allowance. Of course, they couldn't give everyone the same period of time, but they could assign time slots.

It's just frustrating to have 30GB+ every month that goes to waste.

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Re: Data Allowance Idea

The whole purpose behind the data caps and periods is satellite capacity at any given moment.
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Re: Data Allowance Idea

All the money we pay we need to be able to watch shows on utube all we want
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Re: Data Allowance Idea

Bridget Markham,

Did you buy an unlimited plan?  No.  Did you sign the contract?  Yes. 

We get it, you want your YouTube.  Evidently YouTube is EXTREMELY important to you.  Do you actually have anything constructive to add, or is it just "I want to be able to watch as much YouTube as I want." 

Here's a solution.  Go to McDonald's.  They have free wifi.  You can watch YouTube until your heart's content. 

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Re: Data Allowance Idea

Hello themom101,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! We would like to explain why satellite Internet data is limited. Satellite broadband is unique, and it has certain challenges compared to wired services such as Cable and DSL. But, nothing can compete with satellite for effectively covering the undeserved markets where DSL and Cable don't reach. It isn't fair to compare them on price - they have fundamentally different cost models and there's a reason they don't provide service in all areas. Launching a satellite to provide service takes a large and risky investment. In order to make the model work, it requires that we have enough customers to justify the expense. And in order to deliver a useful service, we need to ensure that each customer has fair access to that shared resource. We accomplish this by setting caps on the amount of data that can be downloaded at full speed in a certain period. Otherwise, a small number of bandwidth hogs would consume the entire satellite's capacity.

So, just like you've seen your cell phone provider’s move to limited data plans, we also offer options to allow heavier users to pay for their share while keeping prices reasonable for the average user. Unlike the phone providers, however, we don't rack up expensive overage charges and shock you on your next bill. Instead, we allow you to make the choice to use or purchase a Restore Token. And, we are working hard on additional features and options to continue to make it easier to get the most out of your service. Nobody likes having limits on their service, but without them, your providers would need to charge much more than you would be willing to pay. We welcome your feedback on how you'd like to see things change, but unfortunately, there's no magic solution that will make caps go away completely. The Status Meter application can let you know at a glance how much data you have remaining until your next refill. This link may also help you to learn more about how satellites work: I hope this information is helpful to you, 

Thank you,