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Data HOG?

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Data HOG?

My HughesNet uses up all it allocated data (20 Gigs) in the first 7 days AFTER my new billing period begins. This has happened the last 2 months (Dec 2018 & Jan 2019) . Is there any way to see MORE of your data usage by month or day?

Is there any app, program, or hardware that is able to monitor the HughesNet modem to tell me WHAT is using all this data? 

I suspect it is my Direct TV.

I turn everything off when not using it; no cell phones on wifi, computer off, etc. 

I do not have the Direct TV box hooked to the Hughes Net modem in ANY way, ethernet or wifi. I have the "Guest" band on the HughesNet model disabled. 

Can the Direct TV box somehow "steal " data? I suspect it can..

ANy thoughts, opions, fixes, etc. would be appreciated.

Anybody else have this problem? 


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Re: Data HOG?



Your DirecTV receiver can only use your HughesNet data if you, or the installers, connected it to your HughesNet service, whether via LAN cable or WiFi.  If it's not been connected, it can't use the data, nor connect on its own, so if it hasn't been connected, it's not using any of your data.  


Various devices can use data on their own that you may not know about.  Some can still connect and use data while "off", as they're actually in standby.  


What devices do you connect to and use with your HughesNet service?


Edit:  I should add that you can see what is connected, and what has been connected, since the modem was last powered up here.

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Re: Data HOG?

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way HughesNET calculates usage.  I was out-of-the-country for 25 days in December and I still ran out of data.  I NEVER stream movies or videos.  I am mainly an email user.  I think this is digital extortion.  Even though the cost to disengage is muderously high, I am probably going to divorce myself from HughesNET in the next month.  Their customer service is not good (when you can understand the Chinese support person) and they NEVER follow-up!  I've about had it!  I WILL spread the word far and wide in my rural area.

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Re: Data HOG?

Did you unplug the modem before you left?  That's the only way to guarantee your system won't use any data. Otherwise, something in your network was using data while you were gone -- maybe over the wifi. 



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Re: Data HOG?



There are two possibilities.  One is that something is using data that you aren't aware of.  Two is that your modem is unplugged, and when it's unplugged it can't reset for the month.  So, if it's unplugged, and was so when your new month started, and you're checking with the mobile app, or by signing onto the My Account site, the data can't reset until the modem is plugged back in.   


If you would like help in determining where your data is going, please start a new topic in Tech Support.

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Re: Data HOG?



We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation.