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Data Loss

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Re: Data Loss


If you are looking for something to track usage. Try Net Guard.

Re: Data Loss

Hi Robert,

If you connect one computer directly to the HughesNet modem as you explained and see normal usage then that means your other devices are consuming data when you do not realize, or your router is the culprit. You basically went through the process of elimination already. How can you then not conclude on that fact?

Tablets, phones, and other mobile devices do not work like computers. Some of them even piggy back on WiFi and use data even while being connected to a mobile data service. Best thing to do is keep those other devices off unless you specifically need to use them. Or turn the WiFi service off said devices as an easy alternative. 

- Chris
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Re: Data Loss

I don't conclude to that fact due to the fact that the only change there has been is GEN 4 so my conclusion is that GEN 4 is what is making me have data loss since that is the only variable in the system...
Now I will admit that my router does seem to be the culprit here but before GEN 4 I had no problem with data loss at all from the same router so why all at once when I was made to go to GEN 4 I suffer data loss...

So is it my router...GEN 4 or the combination of the two together...
I will be going to the expense of purchasing a new router with the HOPES that it does not interfere with GEN 4 and have data loss many routers do I need to buy before HN decides there is a compatibility problem that they cannot or will not admit...
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Re: Data Loss

I have solved my problem of data loss...
Listen up everyone here is what you do...
1. Do not use Youtube...
2. Do not watch any kind of video...
3. Do not download anything except in the middle of the night...
4. Do not try to do any research online...
5. Do not stay online more than a few minutes then shut your router off...
6. Do not buy more than one new router...
7. Do not let your wife and children online more than 30  minutes at a time twice a day...
8. Do not complain when your wife threatens you with bodily harm and takes over your router and you run out of time in two weeks...
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Re: Data Loss

Have you checked  to see if there is a firmware update for your router? Could fix the issue.
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Re: Data Loss

Have you checked into the "type" of loss you are having ?

Is it upload or download ?

Legacy plans did not count download against your allowance, Gen4 does.

Routers have vulnerabilities ....

Is the "front end" of your router protected by a username and password different from the routers default values ?

What level of encryption, if any, do you have setup on the wireless portion of the router ?

Did you enable "remote access" to your router when you set it up ? If so disable it.

Did you ensure the WPS function of the router has been disabled ?

Do you really know at any given moment just what devices are connected to the wireless portion ?

To that end perhaps you should install Wireless Net Watcher so as to make it easier:

As to buying a new router .... I think you may be a little premature.

Process of elimination applies:

#1: connect a single computer directly:

 If the loss stops, its not THAT computer

If the loss continues, it something on THAT computer and there IS software to track what is being used by what program or process.

#2: Repeat that process, one computer at a time until all wired computers are "cleared"

#3: When all computers are "clean" connect all WIRED computers to the router, connect the router to the Modem ..... BUT DISABLE THE ROUTERS WIRELESS FUNCTION.

This will allow the router and its firmware to operate but will 100% guaranty that no wireless devices are installed.

Process of elimination.


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Re: Data Loss

Well let me see...hmmm...ok I will download it the next time I cannot sleep and am up in the middle of the night with nothing to do...
I cannot understand what you all do not see...
Before GEN 4 no data loss after GEN 4 data loss...
Why do I have to mess with my router that I have been using since day one with NO data loss until GEN 4???
Why is it my fault or my routers fault when it did not happen until GEN 4...
I cannot understand why you all cannot grasp the concept...
Before GEN 4 no data loss after GEN 4 data loss...
It is so easy to see where the problem lies is it not...
Seriously it worked before GEN 4 does not work after GEN 4...
I still try almost everything I see suggested on here...
And I will try this too mainly because when I do get online for a few minutes I want to spend my time on here asking or answering questions instead of doing something like oh I don't know maybe trying to research my genealogy a bit more...
But wait if I stay online too long the data pig will catch me...
See you all again soon I am sure...
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Re: Data Loss

Only trying to help, seriously. Router firmware?
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Re: Data Loss

Robert... Process of elimination.

1: Connect one device to the modem and observe if data loss is occuring
2: Connect a different device and observe if data loss is occuring
3: Repeat these steps, stop when you find a device that is using tons of data while you are not.

I can promise, data doesn't just vanish into thin air.
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Re: Data Loss


I really am sorry I troubled you.

You have made repeated posts indicating your frustration.

Every problem has a root cause. I may take some detective work to find that cause but keeping an open mind and Divide & Conquer approach works.

I also have Hughesnet and every time I have lost data, it was on my end .... other than that, no problems.

The same algorithms that Hughes uses to count my data is the same as yours.

A single computer has 65,536 comm ports. To that you can add multiple computers and a plethora of mobile devices.

You appear to have made up your mind that the loss has to be on the Hughes despite the preponderance of evidence.

Its a pity you are above accepting help for your problem ... there really are some knowledgeable people in this Community.