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Data Token Question

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Data Token Question

I'm relatively new to HughesNet and am a little unclear on how data tokens work. I know that they are there for you if you run out of your regular data GB before your usage month is over. It looks like I will probably run out a little early this month (although I still currently have anytime data left) so I went ahead a purchased a 3GB token. Does this automatically kick in if my anytime data does run out this month and, if so, can it be used during the anytime hours....or does it only add to the bonus bytes - which is completely unnecessary. I rarely use bonus bytes. Finally, if I don't run out of anytime data this month, can I carry the extra 3GB I purchased over until they are needed in some future billing cycle, or are they just lost if I end up not needing them now?


So, to data tokens automatically kick in when needed, regardless of when purchased? and when you move into having to use the data token you purchased, can it be used during regular daytime hours?



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Re: Data Token Question



During the Anytime Data usage period, your token data will automatically kick in after you've run out of Anytime Data.  During the Bonus Bytes period, your token data will automatically kick in after you've run out of Bonus Data, then Anytime Data. 


8:00AM to 2:00AM -  Anytime Data, then Token Data.

2:00AM to 8:00AM - Bonus Data, then Anytime Data, then Token Data.  


Regarding your Token Data and rollover, any unused Token Data rolls over to the next month, and will continue to do so, each month, until you use it.  Smiley Happy 

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