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Data Usage and Tokens

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Data Usage and Tokens

Good Morning, 


I have 2 questions.  I have had Hughes Net for MANY years.  In all of those years, I only ran out of data ONCE and that was years ago when my daughter was visiting and tried to watch a 30 minute episode of The Office.  I work from home and use my computer mainly for work.  Last month I ran out of my PLAN data and this month I am almost out (I have 6% left with 8 days in the billing cycle).   I normally have at least half, usually more, of my PLAN data left and normally have 80% or more of my BONUS data left over each month. 


So my first question is how do I find out why I am using all of my data all of a sudden.


My second question - I have some tokens available to use.  I used 4 of them yesterday.  While I see they deducted them from the balance of my tokens (from 9 tokens down to 5), I do not see that using them increased my actual data balance.  Do the tokens not take affect until my data usage reaches ZERO?   


Thanks !