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Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

kmbarns, Liz, Gwalk900, sgoshe 

I have tried chrome also and got the same results as you are or was, but I am mostly using Explorer and getting the same on it  but it should not be happing at all it is with in their system but they will not take the responsibly for it they only know how to blame the customers and want you do these test, sgoshe you mat be right because it will come back the way they want it to, first of all stop giving the JOBS to country that have terrorist, scammers, hackers that go though scanners to call or e-mail or get you on social media and then they are working for a company that has our accounts so they can tell when you are disconnected, I have been in touch with different law bodies in which can not state at this time or may not be able to at all, all Companies like your credit cards, mortgages, phones (cell or land line), electric, ect..., that was why we talk to people that is in those countries, there maybe only one or two places that maybe it that isn't. Liz if you have send me some tokens I have not received them yet, but have lost data and it also dropped 3% since I was on here this morning, and Liz you say that it does not need to be Re-peak you are not the Tech. that came out here because he stated that if it did not work he probably have to come out here, I guess I'll will have to call this in since you will not do anything. By the Gwalk900 I know how they do the alignment of the Dishes, I have also installed Dishes my self and got it right on. THE DISH NEEDS TO BE RE-PEAKED and all of the test been done. 

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

Yes they say one thing and don't do it, for one Liz stated above that she was giving me some tokens and I still have not yet received them yet, since she isn't there today I guest I will call in and see what they say, probably the same old thing.

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.


Where are you expecting to find the Token Data ?

It will NOT be found in your Anytime or Bonus Bytes data "buckets"

Have you looked at your Modems SCC ( ?

Have you logged into your "dashboard" at  and checked you Token Data Bucket that way ?

Have you clicked on the "Token Management" link at the upper right of the above meter to check the available Tokens you may have but not yet "used" so as to move them into your Token Bucket ?

Have you opened the Download Status Meter to check your available Token Data ?

Have you clicked on the "Purchase Tokens" button at the upper right of the Download Status Meter to check for available Tokens that have yet to be used ?

Kenneth1955, so far you have made 34 replies in the Community, the majority of which were "rants" that contained absolutely nothing of value in respect to addressing your usage/data loss issues.

You have yet to post a single screenshot of your "fuel gauge" as a before/after shutdown/start up with your Modem in isolation.

You have accused Hughes of stealing your data but fail to understand that Hughes is using the same algorithms when measuring your use as they do mine.

I have 11 computers in my household .... look at my data details:

You Sir have a problem ...

This Community is a source of knowledge as well a problem resolution, the user however has to be involved in the effort.

If you don't know how to do something or lack understanding in an area ... just ask.

It is time though for you to either take the rants elsewhere or follow through with the prescribed troubleshooting steps.


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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.


Everyone on the Community has offered you help & you refuse to take it. Can you explain why you don't want help?

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

Gwalk900, I would not know why a person have 11 computers in their house, I have a question for you why an are they being used when you are on here or not, why did you get in to this for it does not sound like a normal household to me, I don't know you and you me so do not think I know I have my reason for trusting things or even people I do not know, there is one thing that I did not know and Liz did not state where to find the Tokens at, I also never seen that are before if it is there all the time.

Now Reggie and Gwalk900, Reggie I have done things you or some one have address which was to stop the Auto Video on Facebook but really do not have an access to all of them in here, Gwalk900 the screen shot will show what ever they want you to believe what they want if I get the chance I will, but I still do not explain the usage going down since January 2015, I am on a fixed income and I have to budget things had it down up until January this year, why what I want to know not doing anything more then I was.

HughesNet has over a barrel due to the fact there is no other Internet for use to get so they can do what they or the Bosses tell them, if they was a company that truly want to help us then they would train their Tech,. Rep, better to help you not give them a scrip to read off of and not hire our jobs out to other countries when we have allot of people out of work here in this US.

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.


I'm not very tech savvy, unlike gwalk900. I started on this forum like you I was having problems that I didn't understand. gwalk900 & many of the others helped me resolve most of my issues. The best thing they proved to me is that if I listen to those that know more than I do I can still learn. They taught me I can do some of my own troubleshooting. If I run into something that I don't understand they are willing to help. If you give them a chance, you might get your data usage under control.

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

Well Kenneth its like this,

I build and repair computers. I volunteer time at two of the local Seniors Centers helping them understand how to use the web, email and other computer related devices to keep in touch with friends and family.

My wife has her own Desktop computer because she is terrified of the complexity of mine. In addition she also has her own Laptop for when mobility is called for.

The we get mine .... I don't like "store bought" computers .... they don't fit my needs and come filled from the manufacturer with tons of "bloatware" .... so I build my own.

"Bertha" has a full tower ATX case that contains 10 hard drives at any given time. One of the 10 is in a "trayless SATA slot" that ejects the drive out of the fron of the machine allowing the insertion of a differently formatted drive.

Of the 10 internal drives, 5 have operating systems loaded on them, the other 5 are "data" drives allowing backup images and data storage for each of the 5 operating system drives.

Because I have the need due to having to run some older software and because it comes in very handy when doing step-by-step support I have, on separate hard drives that are selected by an electronic switch the following "resident" OS's

Win98 SE


Win Vista Ultimate

Win 7 (setup for daily use)

Win 7 Ultimate (setup to be used only for financial dealings and removed from the machine when not in use)



Some drives are rotated through the "trayless slot" when needed.

To me, a computer with only a single "personality" and no redundancy would be so limited as to be ... nearly useless.

Now most of those "computers" will require periodic updates, they connect to the 'net, they will use data.

So I guess you are correct, giving my penchant for Senior support as well as building and repairing the things, I don't have a "normal household".

And just for Giggles, I'm no Pup. I retired (twice), getting Social Security and when back to work.

Not all of us have the same interests, the same accumulated lifetime experiences .... the great thing is we can all learn from each other.

Me, I enjoy helping people that may not have the same knowledge in certain areas ... such as when dealing with the complexity of a Hughesnet connection, perhaps networking or software issues in some cases.

I have been a Hughes subscriber for about 11 years. I that time I most likely had every issue there is to have, had been down that road if you will.

I, and the other "regulars" here in the Community, receive no compensation from Hughes. I pay my $89.99 per month for my Gen4 Ultra plan the same as everyone else.

We do as a group however span a wide experience set an knowledge base.

Some are lifelong "electronics buffs" such as myself (assembled my first color TV (Heathkit) while in my teens and I'm nearly 67 now. Others have Military experience, others are installers.

We as a group can provide some assistance after hours, weekends, holidays. We can provide support in areas that may affect you Internet usage experience but is not directly Hughes related ... example networking issues.

This Community is a resource. Use it to your best advantage, learn how your system really works, its strengths, it weaknesses and how to squeeze the most from it.


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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.


Here I guess is as good as example I can think of lately of a Subscriber having a data loss issue that followed some Divide & Conquer methods to find the source of the problem. Not all problems are the same but the same procedures apply.

Guess what, it doesn't even cost anything ... what do you have to lose ?

Start at the beginning of this thread, read it all the way through, try to understand that if this user didn't know or understand something ... they posted back and clearly stated where we, as helpers, failed in describing a procedure ....

We will, as a group, go to any length, be it text or my personal (pictures are worth a thousand words) favorite, pictures ....


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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

Gwalk900  hey I remember Heath kits I done those myself and thanks for the update of you, it just seams like we get one thing done then this comes up on Data Usage lost but with 4 of us in the house hold with Laptop's and not knowing when my wife is going to be up because of Medical problems and then I have one son that does his thing during the bonus time, now finding myself up and tired as H????, I also think you are doing a good thing with the seniors.

I used to be on the school board and was a coach for 5 thru 8th grade boys and girls on Volunteer work, now I try and help Veterans since I have been there along with my Dad had been in the Marines and a Brother in the Army over Viet Nam, he came back with three bronze stars (which myself one should have been higher) then it came down to myself and my twin brother we both went into the Air Force to Retire only one of us did and that was me, they still trying to get back in but enough is enough I am almost 60 and do not want any part of it any more I'll give them my two cents worth but that is it.

Now as soon as I can I will be getting the screen shot so we can get this taken care of but do not have access to all Laptops each one is password that I do not know, but we all are not using or on here much except for my wife and that it isn't hers and main thing is I am not on here much or the others, but one gets up during bonus time to do what ever he is doing, so I will have to just stop or tell them when I am going to do the snap shot and do it. 

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Re: Data Usage drained by Hughesnet not Blame us for it.

Gwalk900 There is one thing that I would want do know and that is how do I disable some of the Apps, what comes with the systems that is one thing I do not know and haven't asked my son about it. I am sick and tired of everything going to there when I want it to go IE, some of the programs I have on here comes up with something  so I click on it what does it do, go to an App to get on the internet. Along with this some how I ended up with three of them on the screen which are Media App, Photo App, I believe I can not find it now apDocs and then Acer Portal, if you can give me detail way to get them off so my wife can understand them to some degree.

I am sorry about before I want to know a person before I trust what they say, I have been burned to many times in the past, so hope you take this, along with I been mad since January 2015 when this all started and I hit my breaking point, I usually don't get into something like this type of thing talking to others or blogs. I know that I need to down load something than Glass Wire because it just dose not come out correct so I may try the other someone suggested besides this one, I do have a counter on my Windows 8 but it counts everything and so does Glass Wire I have watch it before I turn on my Internet,

When our Comps, are not being used the Internet is shut off before shut down, yes we do have other devises in the House like two phones and when we got them we used up our data then I called in because it was my phone that was set for WIFI when I found that out I turned it off (the only reason I had it on is when I was down town and was able to check things that I needed to but I still can with out it so that is it, there also 2 Kindles which my son uses his for reading allot, my wife I do not know where it is but they both have the Internet off on them, I think that is one reason my son gets up during bonus time to down load books, when my wife uses her is the same way unless she is down at her Mothers then she uses it for the Internet to show her pictures of family.

I am going to be gone allot this week down town to appointments or with Veterans and that is about three hours from where we live, our Router is Password protected along with the fact we are so far in the woods with a gate that is locked and other people that lives around us is from 5 to 10 acre's from us we only see them if they drive by but they that isn't to easy since we set back around 100+ yards from the road and our house is very sound proof when the windows are closed. Nice and Peaceful, no Noise, like traffic, sirens and people, now at night frogs, crickets and wild life walking though the woods.       

Thanks Again for your help and your information.