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Data Usage weirdness....

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Data Usage weirdness....

Hello folks --- Hoping someone can bring some clarity to this issue...


I have a new install (4 days old) with a 25 gig account.   After some pretty heavy usage, I've noticed that my Service Plan data as well as my Bonus Data do NOT drop as expected.


Im monitoring them with the hughest net data Meter software, AS well as logging in to the account.   


And while it's a nice fantasy to think that I am really getting this much "free" data --- my concern is that it's actually dropping without an accurate update.    


Can anyone offer any insight?  I really want to avoid having to buy more data, or a nasty suprise of having a slowed down connection....


Thanks for any help,


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Re: Data Usage weirdness....

For the first 20 days your allowance will be reset daily.