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Data has not been restored

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Data has not been restored

HughesNet is saying that they restored my data on the 23rd and that it's gone I have never used this much data ever in 6 days and every day I checked my usage they did not restore

Re: Data has not been restored

Hello rcpbooths, I see this is your first post, so let me first say welcome to the community and thanks for posting! I was able to pull up your account and I want to clarify what's going on. 


The 23rd of every month is when your monthly data cycle begins, meaning your data refreshes on the 23rd. You do have free tokens provided by our agents on your account.


Here are steps to find those tokens you can use:


I also pulled a picture to show your usage chart that shows your monthly data refreshing on the 23rd

This shows your anytime data:


This next one shows your Bonus Data usage, between 2am-8am:


There's all kinds of possibilities of what's using your data and how much, it depends on what you're using the internet for. We have a post you can take a look at that goes over data management and consumption here that may prove to be very useful!


Let me know if you have any questions Smiley Happy


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Re: Data has not been restored



The following thread may also be of help...


Something is definitely burning through your data VERY quickly.  10GB over three days.  The biggest culprits tend to be satellite TV receivers, cloud connections, HD streaming and game console updates.  


HughesNet recommends against connecting satellite TV receivers to HughesNet due to the high amount of data they can use, and there being no way to control it.  DirecTV receivers are notorious for their high data usage, even if you never stream anything through them (On Demand).  Cloud connections can use a lot of data by constantly keeping the stored data up to date.  HD streaming... it uses up to 3GB or more per hour.  Game console updates can use a lot of data, as well.  


As intimated by Brooke, if you need further help please don't hesitate to ask.  

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Re: Data has not been restored

Hello rcpbooths, I haven't heard back from you, so I'm going to close this thread. Should you still need our help, start a new thread, and we'll be happy to assist you!