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Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

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Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

I got home last night from Miami. My husband and I went to bed at 11:15pm. (Together) we both woke up, and I turned on the computer at 730am. I document my data twice a day currently. So, when I went to bed at 11:15pm, the Anytime Data was 9.8GB, and Bonus Bytes 3.5GB. This morning the Anytime Data is 11.9 GB and the Bonus Bytes was 3.6 GB.
I realize that 1.2 GB in 2hours and 45 minutes is not a lot for some. (I also know the data monitor is limited in watching data) HOWEVER, in keeping track of my data for the last 6 weeks, my data loss for that time period has never been over 400MB! (And usually that is because my husband is up way later then me, or vice versa)
So? How do I catch the culprit? I know that I was given a long list of directions (I don't remember who?) right before I was hospitalized and my plan this morning (before this even happened) was to print that out and do the list of things!
Question: if I installed GLASSWIRE (which admittedly I have refused to do) would. Be able to see what was happening? I am prepared to install GLASSWIRE... Because this is maddening.
Everything.... I mean everything is turned off, or any downloads are done with my knowledge, etc (I have them set to go at certain times)
Of course.... It is SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!

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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Hi Kim,

The topic where we left off can be found here:

I'll repost my last reply for you:

Hi Kim,

I hope all is going well this morning ?

In your last post you posed several questions. Let me try to answer them:

" I already tried contacting HN the day it happened?"

You would have been asked to run a modem isolation test to determine if the Hughes modem was using data on its own.

That having been done along with Amanda's suggestion to post here in the Community suggests that Hughes has determined that the usage is by SOMETHING  on your network and for a multitude of reasons can not dig deeper into your "network".

The "normal" process at this point would be to alert you to get "professional services"

Hughes has done referrals HTS (Home Technical  Services), a third party paid service that for a fee or a annual subscription will remote into your system.  Personally, No Thanks

Second option ..... That place that shall remain unnamed but is known to employee Geeks. No No No Thanks.

Third option: Take everything in your network to a known well respected local computer shop. Always an option of course but those types of places also vary in their skill levels and have zero understanding of just how important every tiny setting is while running on a high latency data capped service.

That leaves a fourth option and that is working with those members of the Community.

"My immediate question is... When this huge data amount occurs again, what do I do?"

Hopefully when that occurs we will have things in place to answer: Who, What, When and Where .. and then take steps to control or eliminate the culprit(s) as the situation calls for.

" I need to troubleshoot what to do when it happens again"

We need to start off with some Divide & Conquer

We need to understand a couple of  changes in the landscape regarding operating systems

We need to understand some Network basics so as to reduce our "usage exposure"

We need to keep and open mind and consider all devices and all software as "guilty until proven innocent".


Of the computer: What are the Operating Systems ?

Of the computer: What Anti-Virus programs do you have installed ?

Of the computer: What Anti-Malware software do you have installed ?

Of the computer: What browser do you normally use ?

Your Router: Can you post the Brand, Model and Version so that I may download the manual for it ?

Your Plan: Can you confirm that you have the 50/50 Ultra plan ?

Your usage consists of two parts, Download and Upload. Can you post a screenshot of your usage history so that I can compare ratios of upload to download ? (and yes, that is a loaded question.)

This is pointing the cart before the horse but at the center of every Network is .... a Router. There can't be a Network without one.

Are you able too, have you given any consideration too, buying a Router that will track usage by device ID ?

The laptop that you referred too, it that the HP PC you listed or is that in addition to that machine ?

Can you/have you installed Glasswire on all computers ?

Do you feel comfortable in setting and using GlassWire ? If not or if you need some tips see all of my responses to Yorkytown in this topic:

I mentioned at the beginning we need to institute Divide & Conquer and that means that at the start we need to remove your router from the equation for a short period of time.

I know that that is a painful disruption and it want you to understand why this is needed.

It won't last long but it is essential.

A router really complicates finding data leaks because it opens up soooo many potential connection avenues.

Lets look a block diagram of a router to help visualize these avenues:

The first area has to do with the "internals" of the Router itself:

Its firmware

Its "access" security settings

Its enabled "features"

The point is the Router itself can use data ... without you being aware.

The second area is related to the Routers wired LAN ports and multiplied by the number of wired devices connected.

The third area is the Routers wireless connection channels and settings.

In the whole, having a Router connected at the start really complicates things to no end.

Therefore it is essential that it be disconnected at the beginning of our troubleshooting. It will, be reintroduced soon and its functions re-enabled in stages as we go through each of its functional areas.

Our first step is to directly connect a single computer that has GlassWire installed and see what programs and processes are connecting and using data.

In response to your questions posed in this topic:

"So, when I went to bed at 11:15pm, the Anytime Data was 9.8GB, and Bonus Bytes 3.5GB"

"This morning the Anytime Data is 11.9 GB and the Bonus Bytes was 3.6 GB."

I'm confused:

  End: 11:15 PM: Anytime   9.8 GB: Bonus 3.5 GB

 Start:    this AM: Anytime 11.9 GB: Bonus 3.6 GB

                           --------------------      -------------------

                                   UP 2.1 GB          UP 0.1 GB

I fail to see an issue if you had MORE data in the morning at startup than when you shut down the previous night.

Also please post a screenshot of the "meter" that you are using as there are THREE USAGE METERS  and THREE HISTORY PAGES.  Each of them has differing "resolutions" and a history of course is just that, a history and is not intended nor can be a "real time" display.

Also you had reported some weather related connectivity issues. The modem is going to report to the Gateway its "usage", the Gateway will update the "meters" in this order:

1st: Dashboard meter: (the most accurate)

#2: That will in tern update the Modems SCC usage display (

#3: The Modem will then update the Download Status Meter display:

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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Are you sure that whatever devices are connected to the service aren't using the cloud?  I don't know what you have, but Apple devices are known connect to the iCloud service, sometimes using quite a bit of data.  And you don't have a satellite TV receiver connected to Hughesnet, right?   

And, although Glasswire will only measure the data on the computer it's installed on, it's sill helpful.  Are you averse to using Glasswire, and if so, why? 

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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

First thing I checked... Believe me, I know what to check immediately. And honestly, iCloud back ups are not ever bigger then 400mb. They rarely get that high actually. But, yes, thank you for asking, I checked. Smiley Happy
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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Well, as long as you have something to measure them, that's good.  I remember on another thread where someone's iCloud backups were chewing through a ton of data, and a lot more than 400MB. 

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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Give me a few to work on your post GWALK.. But, I did not communicate my data loss numbers clearly, I apologize. When I went to bed, my data for anytime was 9.8 used, when I woke up, 11.9 was used.. Same goes for the bonus bytes. I went to bed, 3.5 was used... When I woke up, 3.6 was used.. Does that make sense? I apologize for the way I worded it. I don't know if it is all the medications, but I feel like I am not explaining myself well to anyone.. Not just on here. So bare with me! I am going to tackle your post in about 30 mins or so, I need to wake up a little more.. Thank you very much for the responses. I do appreciate it very much. You guys have certainly rocked in my book the last month.
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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

You know what? Disregard what I said... I am not sure where I got that number, I see it in my notes, but...? That is not a lot of data? That doesn't make sense... So, your original question, yes, all clouds are turned off on all devices! That much I know for sure!
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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Well, "a lot" is relative.  I don't have any Apple devices, nor any devices to speak of, save my computers.  I don't know what constitute a lot when it comes to cloud services, as I don't use them, so I don't know if 400MB is a lot or not, for that particular thing, that is.  2.1GB is certainly a lot. 

I hope that you are eventually able to use some type of software on every individual device you have.  It would be interesting to find out what's using it, and more importantly, why.  I guess the only thing that could easily narrow it down is one of those more expensive routers with the Merlin software, but that's spending a lot of money on something that really shouldn't be needed.   

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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

Good morning Lab-Lover,

Welcome back, glad to see you're already working with our experts here in the community. In short, I would also suggest using GlassWire as that program will show you what is connecting to the internet, as well as provide historical data, whereas we cannot. 

Stick with the community and I'm sure the culprit(s) will be found.

Good luck!



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Re: Data is leaving! Trying to catch culprit!

I have been tracking my data usage with the handy hour to hour graph Gwalk pointed out on an earlier post.   One curious thing I have noticed from several days, although not consecutive days, is that between the hours of 4:00 am and 6:00 am PST, I show a large spike 219-417 MB.   I have my computer off and no Iphone/Ipad on.   In my prior work life, server maintenance was typically on Sundays between the hours of 2:00 am and 5:00 am.   I don't know where the gateway server for HN on the west cost is, if there is one, but is it possible a  maintenance window is involved?  I haven't tracked the data used during that timeframe to any of my devices.  Here is a snapshot of the 219.