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Data loss

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Re: Data loss

My plan must be too low. no token can be released.
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Re: Data loss

Then post a picture of your SCC main page (sans SAN):

Then we can compare your Anytime & Bonus Byte monthly allowances to known plan levels such as:


or even

it also can be found by logging in here:

Scroll down to:

Click the yellow highlighted "view invoice" link:

Click the "view site details" link:

Find your plan name listed here:

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Re: Data loss

Can you explain PC Essentials?
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Re: Data loss

If you are referring to this:

In my opinion everything on that list is a Cash Cow adding to the Hughes coffers.

There are other products (along with some common sense) that can be found at ZERO COST.

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Re: Data loss

The reason i'm asking is it is on my bill but not on my PC.
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Re: Data loss

To fully answer your question:

This is what you get for a never ending $3.95 a month.

Those items can essentially be found in Windows 7 and up, as part of the operating system.

The Win 7 and newer firewall is enough for most people ... the addition of a decent Router that contains a hardware firewall (and most do) will take care of firewall duties.

Proper browser setup and Windows MSCONFIG will accomplish the five listed "feature".

A user would only need a Anti-virus program (there are several free ones) and as an added layer a Anti-Malware program, again there are several free ones.

Proper browser setup and adding extensions like AdBlock Plus, NoScript, disabling Java except when needed for certain functions (like the Hughes speed test)

Common sense like not clicking on everything, NEVER clicking on a link in an email, not opening email attachments (even if you know the sender) with out a "code" in the text of an email.

Example: My friend "John" sends me an email with an attachment. John's computer could have be compromised and a virus program sends an email to everyone in his address book .. including me.

The thing is "John" knows that I will not open, I will ignore any email attachments sent to me unless there is a Wool or Sheep joke in the text body of the email.

That tells me that John himself intended to send the email and the attachment. A virus trying to replicate itself would not know the inside joke.

Just that small thing cuts my virus exposure considerably. Not eliminated, just one exposure vector better managed.

I'll save the $3.95 per month and use Avast free (with some setting tweaked) and Malwarebytes anti-malware on my machines thank you !


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Re: Data loss

"The reason i'm asking is it is on my bill but not on my PC."

You wouldn't be the first to have been "unknowingly signed up" for some "stuff"

Only you can determine if that "premium service" has value to you.

I would try to do a little "digging" as to how it got on there and when.

Of course, that's just me.

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Re: Data loss

Advanced Tutor

Re: Data loss

All the anytime data usage is from posting on this forum.
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Re: Data loss


You have so many plan changes in there ... but ... it looks like you are on "prime"

Prime ... no plus.

That gives you 10 GB for a month Anytime (8am to 2am) and 50 GB Bonus Bytes (2 am to 8am)

Now here is the kicker .. 10 GB is 10,000 MB's

10,000 MB divided by (30 days (sometimes 31)) only gives you 333.33 MB per day (anytime period) if you are to go the entire month without having to buy a Token or getting FAPed.

With all the flash, auto-start videos, crappy useless Ads and so on .. that is "tight".

What does a custom "one day" statement from a given day on Net Guard look like ? any leaks ? (high usage you can't account for).

Did you really set down and look at all the premium "stuff" on your monthly bill ?