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Data usage

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Data usage

Okay... Im downloading a 338 MB file. Im trying to figure out how much data it would be. Because it seems like my data is going down alot more and... Is like every 100 MB GB? Im not the best technologically so im trying to figure out how much data downloads would take. is there any RELIABLE calculators that can tell me exactly how much GB a download would take?

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Re: Data usage



A 338MB file would be 0.338GB.  1000MB = 1GB.   


If you're using a Windows based computer, you may want to look at Glasswire, which is a free program that monitors the data used by the Windows computer its installed on.  It will tell you just what program/app/process used the data, and how much was used.  There is also an Android version mentioned further down the page.  


Keep in mind that any activity you perform usng the net, and any automatic process your device(s) performs, whether you're aware of it or not, will use data, so your total data usage may be higher than what you assume it should be, and it often is.  Devices do a lot on their own, and they can use a good amount of data with what they do.  


The following two threads may help...

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Re: Data usage

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