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Diagnostic codes unknown to me

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Diagnostic codes unknown to me

My router had a blip today, went down, then came back up on reset.  It has been functioning fine since, although perhaps a bit slow.  We are having rain storms passing through so wasn't surprised it was slow. However, when checking I am getting a couple of diagnostic codes and wonder what they mean; 0000-0000-0000-0049 and 0000-0000-0400-0000. Any help here with an explanation, meaning, or just sympathy?

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Re: Diagnostic codes unknown to me



The 0049 diagnostic code means that everything is working as it should, but I'm not sure about the other.  Other than the aforementioned 0049 code, the diagnostic codes are a mystery to just about everyone other than the reps and/or engineers.    


The State Codes, on the other hand, are the ones that give more information as to what's going on if there is a problem.  You can see the current State Code in the System Summary box at the top of this System Control Center page.  You can also see both current and past State Codes, since the modem was last plugged in, here.  


Next to the State Codes will also be a basic description of what they mean, but if you're having an issue and you see a State Code that's anything other than normal (0.0.0) or related to the deliberate disabling of either the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz WiFi, and you're not currently experiencing bad weather, please do let us know and we can help to figure out what may be going on.  


Hope this helps.  Smiley Happy  

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