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Disgusted with your Service - Reporting to BBB

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Disgusted with your Service - Reporting to BBB

My husband and I recently opted to cancel our Hughes Net service due to your satellite provider's inability to provide us consistently with internet access. Over the course of the past couple of months, my husband and I have had little internet coverage. As a matter of fact, we've had practically none. We ordered the service back in February or March. We requested the service because I was preparing to leave my job to work from home. Due to long overnight shifts, I did not attempt to access the internet much between when it was installed and the first problem I reported. I am told by other technicians that you can access information regarding our lack of usage, although I was told by customer service that you could not. When I first did attempt to use the internet, everything went downhill quickly. We have had technicians out to our residence at least 4 if not 5 times. Each of those times, we were required to go through the process of sitting on the phone with someone for up to over 2 hours to try to resolve the issue before a technician could be sent out. That's 8 to 10 hours we spent on the phone with Hughes Net reps in 2 months. That's 4-5 times a technican was sent out in just two months. Quite clearly, noone could determine what the real problem was, otherwise, we wouldn't have had to "rinse and repeat" every other week. What I find most offensive about Hughes Net isn't that the problem occurred. I understand that sometimes things happen, or a service provider can't solve a problem. I get it. What really grinds my gears is that my husband and I were told that WE would be responsible for an early termination fee upwards of 300 dollars. We are disgusted and outraged. I tried to get the account management team  on the phone repeatedly. The person I spoke to (whose name I will not reveal here) would put me on hold, speak to someone, then tell me they wouldn't take my transfer because the fee was "valid." Yet, the customer service rep empathized with how bogus the whole ordeal was. I am using this forum as a last ditch effort to have someone justify to me why my husband and I should be accountable for paying a fee of more than 300 dollars for a service you failed to provide. We will be reporting Hughes Net to the BBB and the State Attorney General's office. On an unrelated note, we now have Excede service which is working wonderfully in our residence. Their account management team has told me it's unbelievable how many callers they take who are upset with Hughes Net and making the switch. Not only have you lost a customer, but I will let anyone and everyone know how horribly you have handled our situation so that they do not fall victim to the scam too. I do have case numbers regarding each incident.  Ugh.  Just plain disgusted and I've never filed a complaint in my life. 
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Re: Disgusted with your Service - Reporting to BBB

Sorry you're having issue like this, I thought my issues were bad.  I am considering switching to Excede as well.