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Does Gen5 allow a public IP Adress and port forwarding?

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Does Gen5 allow a public IP Adress and port forwarding?

Does the new Gen5 modem/router allow for a public IP address (static or dynamic) and port forwarding?

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The modem/router does have port mapping/triggering available, but I don't think we have a public facing IPv4 address... IPv4 addresses have dried up, haven't been available for a long time now.  We do however have public facing IPv6 addresses.

port mapping.PNG

I am aware of the lack of IPv4 addresses. I will look into IPv6 addresses to see if I can use them. I need a public IP address to reach control control elements internal to my LAN.

I'm assuming Gen5 uses an H2000 modem/router? Does this router have an IPv6 to IPv4 transition method - which would allow a IPv4 LAN to communicate from the internet using IPv6? Can the Gen5 modem/router have a fixed IPv6 address? Can an external IPv4 device use a specialized IPv6 address containing the LAN IPv4 address or port to access internal to the LAN?

Does Gen5 allow static IPv addresses?

I was able to get the port forwarding working on my HT2000 which I just had installed a couple days ago.  But, I have to use the "WAN IP" listed in the router main page.  I cannot use the IP address that others see as my external IP.  I guess Dynamic DNS doesn't work with IPv6, at least with google domains it doesn't 😞



I am trying to get two survellience cams going.  How did you get port forwarding to work?




Please lots of details, I am completely lost right now and normally I am pretty tech savvy.

Jim,  How were you able to get the NAT to work.  I setup my system by connecting to one of the ports on the HT2000 and gave an internal IP of which is on the Modems internal network.  I then turned on port forwarding to this device for telnet port 23 but will not connect.  I am using the WAN IP address listed on the Modem but nothing. Call Tech support but they know nothing of this.  Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Unless you have a Static IP address then you can't remotely access your network and portforwarding will be useless.  I don't think Static IP is available on Gen5.

Miss spoke.  Has been edited.

I was able to access thru the WAN IP, but wasn't able to get dynamic dns working with that address.



Were you able to setup Port warding and get access to a server internally?  I have tried but it will not forward.

I think so, but I can't remember for sure. I will try again next week when I am at our lake house.
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We have a Business account. Will that make a difference?

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It might...  @Amanda or @Liz might be able to shed some more light on the subject...  Right now, public addresses as far as I know are not available.  In the past (Spaceway3) Hughes offered public addresses that you could forward ports with and use. 

It's possible they are planning that again with Jupiter II since these modems do support port forwarding, they just don't have a public address.  When Gen4 launched we was told Business accounts could get public (static IP) facing addresses for a fee, but that never came.  It might come with Gen5 service...

But it would require @Amanda or @Liz to inform us... The Gen5 business contract does mention static IP though...

Hi folks,


We currently don't have any news to share concerning static IP addresses for Gen 5 business customers. 


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Can the modem be accessed using IPv6 interface?

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If your networked devices fully support IPv6 and the device you are attempting to connect to gets a proper IPv6 address, then you would connect to that IPv6 address and not the WAN IPv6 address...

The thing about IPv6, if you get a proper address, you don't need to forward any ports, however, that leaves your devices open to the internet for all.  Another issue is, IPv6 addressing with Hughesnet can change at any time, and will almost certainly change when the modem has to reassociate due to storms or a reboot.

what if i place a PC connected directly to the modem with  a dynDNS service that will maintain  URL name?

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If dynDNS will automatically update the IPv6 record, it *should* work just fine that way.  But, it will depend on what they detect as your IPv6 address.