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Does HugesNet add links into my info. when browsing?

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Does HugesNet add links into my info. when browsing?

Since we had Huges Net installed, something strange has happened to my instagram account. It says that I can't "like" or comment on pictures because there is something in my profile that isn't allowed. I've made no changes to my profile. This happened right after installing Hugesnet. Is something being added to my info. when I go online with Huges Net now? UPDATE: It looks like my IP address isn't allowed!! Is there a way to fix that? very strange.
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i just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the community.
I'm sure one of the members on here that have experience with both Instagram and HughesNet IP address will be able to help you figure up what is causing this issue.
Hang in there...hopefully, with help from the community members, you can get resolved 🙂

Assistant Professor

Your IP address is shared among HughesNet users as there aren't static addresses. You are on the other side of a huge CGN server that assigns the same address to many users.

If for some reason the the IP address assigned is flagged then all customers with that address will be flagged.

You can try power cycling (reboot) your modem. You'll most likely pick up a different IP address. Otherwise will be tomorrow morning before an official rep is here to respond.
Advanced Tutor

Reboot your modem to get a new IP. If that doesn't help, the instagram may be blocking out a range of addresses.

Hi Krystal,

Sorry to hear that! Have you contacted instagram to see what is the exact reason you are seeing the popup? 

Searching on the internet lead me to some users on Verizon FIOS having the same issue: